Momentum has Honda’s Tomac Feverish about Oakland SX

Momentum has Honda's Tomac Feverish about Oakland SX
GEICO Honda's Eli Tomac (photo by Don Williams)
Momentum has Honda's Tomac Feverish about Oakland SX
GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac (photo by Don Williams)

GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac to Oakland SX

Continuing his search for the AMA Monster Energy 450 Supercross championship, GEICO Honda rider Eli Tomac is determined to conquer Coliseum in Oakland this Saturday.

“I want to work on putting myself in a better position early on,” Tomac said. “I’ve learned that the heat race finish is super important to how the main event goes. Knowing that, I need to be more aggressive if I am further back in the pack in those heats.

“Obviously, you don’t want to say you’re going to end up back there, but I still need to be prepared for it just in case I do find myself back there. I need to be more aggressive to be able to start up front in the main.”

With two podium finishes previously in Oakland at the start of his pro career, Tomac knows what kind of conditions to expect in the upcoming race. Hoping to pick up a few more points on the few riders ahead of him in the championship hunt, Tomac feels Oakland could be a game-changer.

“That racetrack is unique because the ground is really soft,” Tomac said. “It will definitely be a lot different than the dirt in Anaheim for both of those races. I already know the bike will feel a lot different than it has all season, and that will be something I need to be prepared for.

“I think the Oakland race will be a good challenge for everyone. It could be a game-changer for the season as well. I’ve had success there before and I’m hoping for similar results again. At this point, podium finishes and wins are almost a necessity.”

Live coverage of the event starts at 10 p.m. ET Saturday on FOX Sports 1.