Motorcycle Racing News William Dunlop Interview | Post Isle of Man TT Crash

William Dunlop Interview | Post Isle of Man TT Crash

William Dunlop Interview | Post Isle of Man TT Crash
Tyco Suzuki’s William Dunlop (photo by Wayne Freestone)

William Dunlop Interview

A photography contributor to Ultimate MotorCycling during the Isle of Man TT and other races near the IOM, Wayne Freestone interviewed William Dunlop ahead of the Skerries Road Road in Northern Ireland, which many use as practice for the Southern 100.

Skerries was the first race Dunlop participated in since breaking his leg at Les Graham Memorial on lap 3 of the 2014 Senior TT. Since the crash, the Tyco Suzuki pilot – who is teammates with Guy Martin – won the Supersport race at Skerries, and doubled at the Walderstown Road Races in County Westmeath.

At the 2014 Isle of Man TT, the 28-year-old of Ireland took one podium – a third during the second Supersport race.

Following is the interview:

Q. When did you start Racing?

WD: I Started racing in 2001 on a 125 Honda

Q. When and where was your first race win and what memories do you have of it?

WD: My first proper win was at Kirkistown on a 125 I had a great race with Darren Lynsey. funnily enough, my first road race win at Athea, few years later was on 125 were I just beat Darren again

Q. How did you feel when you did your first flying lap of The TT course?

WD: Its hard to remember first lap, as I was racing abroad and I missed the newcomers lap, so they put me behind a Traveling Marshal before the first practice. It was a ropey lap, It felt like I made a lot of mistakes. Even though it was slow, I knew it was going to be hard for me to learn

Q. What has been the most memorable moment of your career to date?

WD: I’ve had many memorable races, but my best memory was last years 600 TT race with Bruce Anstey. It had been a hard season I really needed a win. I’ve never seen as many passes on the run to the line, it made it special.

Q. If you did not race motorcycles, what would you be doing?

WD: I’m not sure what I’d do now if I retired, my life be pointless. I enjoy football and other sports, but I am not good enough to have do them as a job and I’ve no qualifications.

Q. What do you do to relax when you are not working?

WD: I like to sleep a lot and take it easy. I love lots other sports, but my favorite is playing football At weekends. I don’t mind a bit of golf, its nice get away from it all.

Q. What brings you back to The Isle of Man TT every year?

WD: Its biggest road race in the world. I’ve yet to win one and my goal to get a TT win. I’ll keep going to the TT while I enjoy doing it .

Q. What are your plans and aims for 2014-2015?

WD: The season is pretty much over after TT, The Ulster Grand Prix is the last Race. It would be really nice to get a win on the 600 and put myself in good position for next year. I would love to stay with tyco as I really am enjoying my racing here.

Q. Hows the leg doing?

WD: I am very lucky. My leg is the only main injury. I had a lot of bruising, but that will clear up. I’ve only two breaks on the leg and both were on the fibula bone, which isn’t a weight baring bone, so its a quick healer. I hope to be back very soon.

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