Racer Gloves Women’s Matrix | Motorcycle Glove Review

Racer Women's Matrix Gloves

Motorcycle Apparel Review:  Racer Women’s Matrix Gloves

Off the shelf, Racer Gloves Women’s Matrix gloves slip on like that favorite old pair of jeans—form fitting without binding, soft and malleable, comfortingly secure. The Austrian-designed lightweight summer gloves from Racer Gloves keep your hands cool with its leather and primarily mesh construction that breathes well.

The suede-like synthetic Clarino leather palm and bottom side of the fingers are thin and pliable, providing good feel and ease of movement without bunching up when grasping the bars. A leather strip along the top of the palm defends against calluses and provides good grip.

Leather protection also appears at the heel of the hand, and covers a gel-padded piece that runs across the knuckles. However, despite the brand’s moniker, this is not a technical glove with the kind of impact protection one would expect from a racing glove.

An easily manipulated Velcro wrist strap keeps the Racer Women’s Matrix gloves securely in place. Particularly appreciated is the mini-gauntlet style cut, even in the summer, as many mesh jacket sleeves are short, or ride up, leaving wrists exposed to the sun’s burning rays.

Subtle style details on the Racer Women’s Matrix gloves include an embossed paisley design on the leather knuckle and callus pieces, as well as the screened silver Racer logo and flower at the edge of the wrist.

Not just for racing, the Racer Gloves Women’s Matrix are perfect for warm weather sport rides, and are also well-suited for cruisers, if you don’t mind a bit of a fashion clash. Racer Gloves USA claims its gloves to be “The best fitting gloves you can buy” and the Matrix gloves certainly enhance that boast.

Racer Women’s Matrix Gloves MSRP: $60.

Action photo by Riles & Nelson