Honda’s Bogle Continues 250 MX Title Hunt at RedBud National

Honda’s Bogle Continues 250 MX Title Hunt at RedBud National
GEICO Honda's Justin Bogle
Honda’s Bogle Continues 250 MX Title Hunt at RedBud National
GEICO Honda’s Justin Bogle

250 Motocross Title Hunt at RedBud National

With one championship under his belt already this year, GEICO Honda 250cc rider Justin Bogle is closing in on another after a third-place overall finish in Tennessee has him sitting fourth in the championship hunt before the RedBud National, Saturday, in Buchanan.

“RedBud should be an incredible race,” Bogle said. “That’s the hometown event for a lot of the guys on the team, so we definitely want to do well for them. Plus, it’s a track that already has a cool vibe but should be even more interesting with the July 4th holiday that same weekend.

“The track is incredible and one of the best on the circuit in my opinion. I am looking for some redemption though as we didn’t do so hot there last year. I’m looking to go in there, get back on the podium, and hopefully get a moto win.”

Bogle’s teammate Zach Bell has a different focus this week. After suffering a shoulder injury during qualifying at Muddy Creek, Bell is unsure of what his weekend plans hold for RedBud.

“I’m now focused on working on getting my shoulder healed up,” Bell said. “Hopefully I can get a good week of training in so I can make the trip to RedBud. With a race that is definitely going to be long and hot, I really need to make sure I’m going in as healthy as can be.”

Fellow 250 rider Matt Bisceglia is also awaiting final word on his plans for this weekend in RedBud. After having to miss the Tennessee National last week while nursing stretched ligaments in his elbow, Bisceglia is trying his hardest to return to the circuit as soon as possible.

“I’m hoping to get a good week of therapy in to get ready for RedBud,” Bisceglia said. “I’m going to try to ride Wednesday, and if all goes well I’m going to go for it. It really bugs me when I have to miss races and can’t be out on the track.”

“I’m really excited for RedBud because everyone says that’s one of the best places we go to on the circuit. My dad is planning on going, and I’m hoping that I’ll not only be going but racing as well. I want to see this track and all the crazy fans that are there.”

MAVTV will carry the first moto live from 1-3 p.m. ET. Programming will then shift to NBC Sports for the second 250 moto, which will air live from 4-5 p.m.