BMW Motorrad Days 2014 | Preview of Events

BMW Motorrad Days 2014 | Preview of Events

BMW Motorrad Days 2014 | Preview of Events

BMW Motorrad Days 2014

The biggest motorcycle party of the year awaits in Garmisch-Partenkirchen this coming weekend from July 4-6 – BMW Motorrad Days 2014.

BMW Motorrad is hosting a free warm-up on Thursday, July 3, at the BMW Museum. Important points for the few days in the run-up to this year’s event:

Inevitably, because of the great Alpen Roads around the mountain resort, the resounding answer to the question “How do I get to Garmisch” for most visitors is “By motorbike”. However, the choice of traveling companion is still to be made and anyone traveling from or through Stuttgart and its environs can join the second BMD run organised by the Ace Cafe London from Glemseck to Garmisch.

The group is meeting on Friday morning at the Glemseck. Departure is scheduled for 9 a.m. preceded by an optional break with fellow riders. As was also the case last year, the ride is to be led by Mark “Ace Face” Wilsmore, who runs the Ace Cafe in London.

This time he will be riding a BMW R nineT. He will be ably supported by Germany’s ace standard-bearer, Hans-Peter Rütten on his red twin cylinder boxer.

“We had so much fun on our Ace Cafe-Run at the BMW Motorrad Days last year that we simply had to do it again,” says Hans-Peter. “Just like last year, it doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride – what matters is taking part.”

BMW Motorrad will be on hand to share out free “BMD Run 2014” T-shirts as long as stocks last. For a map of the route and further details see:

The Wild Irish

Regular BMW Motorrad Days entertainer Chris Pfeiffer has sustained a motocross injury and therefore, for the first time ever, he will be unable to perform his mad-cap wheelies in Garmisch. However, he has found a worthy substitute in Irishman Mattie Griffin, who will use his BMW F 800 R to demonstrate why his friend Chris Pfeiffer has entrusted the entertainment duties to him.

“It’s a pity that Chris can’t perform at the BMW Motorrad Days,” says Mattie, “but his injuries are taking longer to heal than originally expected. Chris knows better than most that you’ve got to be 100 percent fit in order to perform stunts like this. He calls me regularly to tell me what to expect in Garmisch.” Mattie has wanted to visit Garmisch for some time and in 2014 “a dream is coming true” for him. You can see a preview of his tricks at: Mattie will also perform at a warm-up show on Thursday in Munich.

The Queen of Speed

The fastest woman in America, Valerie Thompson, is returning to Garmisch once again this year because she enjoyed last year’s event so much: “I’m really looking forward to coming back again because a had a wonderful time last year. Everyone was so hospitable and inviting that I felt right at home. The landscape is very different from anything I had ever seen before and the country roads are just fabulous.”

Valerie comes from Arizona, an area of long, straight roads. Maybe that’s why she was attracted to the Drag Strip, where she recently set a new record in the Modified Class at the Ohio Mile on a BMW S 1000 RR, reaching a speed of over 333 km/h.

She adds: “We’re sure that this motorcycle will break another few records this year.” There is just one thing shoe-fan Valerie is not so sure of: “I own 20 pairs of dancing shoes. My most difficult decision will be choosing the ideal pair for the best party in Germany!” You can discuss shoes and record-breaking motorcycles with Valerie in Munich on Thursday and then for the whole weekend in Garmisch.

A Taste for Adventure

In September for the fourth time, we will see the best GS riders of the world on the international GS Trophy in Canada. However, prior to this, they can test their prowess in preparation for this friendly competition on their own GS bike in Garmisch, as a Taster Trophy event is to be held.

In the Event Area and in the Enduro Park, the brave riders will compete in teams in front of the crowd, performing tasks involving navigation, roadbook operation, technical understanding and, of course riding challenges. The randomly selected three-man teams will also have to prove that they can work together effectively.

GS fans should not miss this high-powered event, particularly the final, to be held on Saturday between 4.30 and 5:30 pm. As well as the applause of the spectators, the winners will also each receive a BMW Enduro helmet.

King of the Mountain Course

In the context of the “90 Years of Championships and Titles” in the Classic Tent, we should congratulate Michael Dunlop for his hat trick: at this year’s Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man he not only won the second Supersport race, but also, most importantly, the Superbike race, the Superstock race and the Senior TT, all three on a BMW S 1000 RR.

“Beforehand, many people asked whether it was possible to win the TT on the BMW. I think I have answered that question clearly enough,” said Michael, speaking to the IOM local racing paper “TT News.”

Michael will appear at the BMW Motorrad tent on Saturday afternoon, when he will accept congratulations and explain his choice of line over the Ballaugh Bridge.

The Backroom Boys

The BMW Motorrad Days event is not like the weather – it doesn’t just happen. A team of dedicated people work to ensure that this party runs smoothly. “I am speaking for the entire Motorrad Days organisational team when I say that we are looking forward to seeing the greater biking community in Garmisch again very soon,” says Svenia Ohlsen, project manager for BMW Motorrad Days.

Svenia continues: “A team with more than 30 members has been working for many months to make the Motorrad Days 2014 a real highlight and there will be over 250 helpers at local level to make our plans a reality. I can promise our fans that this year’s event will be another weekend full of music, great shows and, of course, thousands of motorbikes and riders. To those who have never been to BMW Motorrad Days before I would say – whatever kind of bike you ride, Garmisch is a really worthwhile experience. Every year, the BMW Motorrad Days are a uniquely different experience.”

Further information and the full events program, visit and


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