MotoGP 14 Video Game Throttles Into the Market June 20

MotoGP 14 Video Game Throttles Into the Market June 20
NGM Forward Racing's Aleix Espargaro
MotoGP 14 Video Game Throttles Into the Market June 20
NGM Forward Racing’s Aleix Espargaro

MotoGP 14 Video Game Details

The latest World Championship game from Italian video game developer Milestone – MotoGP14 – will be available June 20.

The official MotoGP video game will feature all riders from 2014 MotoGP, the 2013 MotoGP class, and past champions to bring 100 riders and 18 circuits of world-championship racing to your living room. The game is compatible on a variety of platforms, including the Xbox 360, Windows PC, Steam, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and on PlayStation 4.

The new 2014 version also features three new off-line games, one new online game, an enhanced career mode and loads of new content, such as the Argentinian Grand Prix.

Following is the official information of the game:

Re-living the most exciting event of the past season (2013) has never been so simple thanks to the offline game mode Real Events 2013, where the player can put himself into the rider’s shoes last season and experience an intense challenge. But that’s not all, thanks to Challenge Champions where you can re-race 17 events inspired by the real ones from the Champions Riders that make up MotoGP history. And finally, one of the most commonly requested features: SAFETY CAR. In an ad hoc game mode it will be possible to drive the safety car on the official MotoGP™14 tracks.

The MotoGP 14 online multiplayer will not only see the return of SPRINT SEASON introduced for the first time last year, but also the brand new SPLIT BATTLE. This new, highly competitive mode, allows players to race against each other to achieve the best split time and overtake them for a bunch of seconds.

This year’s career mode has a great Helmet View, the chance to customize the bike’s setting or to upgrade it with several pre-set packages, tutorials and more realistic and dynamic virtual environments, allowing players to experience the real life of a MotoGP Rider.

“Plenty of new features have been included in this edition of the MotoGP videogame. The amount of content has never been so high for a two-wheeled game. Plus, we’re proud of all the feedback provided by the community and the official riders who helped a lot to re-create a feeling as close as possible to the real one. There’s nothing more to do: pre-order the game, wait until the 20th of June and see the power of MotoGP 14 taking shape in your hands”, affirms Andrea Basilio Game Director MotoGP 14.

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director Commercial Area of Dorna Sports, the official rights holders of the MotoGP championship, added: “I’m very pleased that the MotoGP 14 video game is about to hit the stores, as it means fans can enjoy this extremely exciting season even more. Milestone has done an amazing job at recreating the championship and really capturing the feel of a MotoGP race, giving fans a yet unseen and unfelt insight within their gaming experience.”

For additional information, visit:,,, or use the hashtag #motogpvideogame.


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