2014 Isle of Man TT Recap | Winners & Fatalities

2014 Isle of Man TT Recap of Winners & Fatalities

There’s motorcycle racing, and the there’s the Isle of Man TT. And the 103rd edition of the iconic road race held on the 37.73-mile Snaefell Mountain Course once again proved that the Isle of Man TT is like no other. We like to associate the IOM TT as the street version of the Dakar Rally. It’s a no B.S. race – always was, and always will be.

Ahead of this year’s TT races, which began May 24 with qualifying and ended with the Senior TT on Friday, June 6, the two favorites were John McGuinness and Michael Dunlop.

McGuinness entered 2014 with 20 TT wins, and left with 21. The 42-year-old “Morecambe Missile” had nursed a wrist throughout the two-week TT, but was able to take the win in the Zero TT. He is now one TT closer to tying with the late Joey Dunlop, who earned 26.

As for Michael Dunlop – the nephew of Joey – the 25-year-old Northern Ireland native mirrored his results of the 2013 Isle of Man TT. Dunlop won four TTs – Dainese TT, RL360 Superstock TT, Supersport 2, Senior TT – and now has a total of 11 wins at the famed IOM TT.

Besides Dunlop’s victories, another feat arrived from Bruce Anstey. During the Dainese Superbike TT, Anstey piloted his Valvoline Honda CBR1000RR to a new outright lap record of 132.298 mph, beating the previous record held since 2009 by McGuinness (131.671 mph)

As for fan favorite Guy Martin, he continues to chase his TT victory. He did take two additional podiums, and now has a total of 15.

Also like last year, though, the 2014 Isle of Man TT races were plagued by tragedy. Two racers perished in single-motorcycle crashes on the Isle of Man – Bob Price and three-time World Supersport Champion Karl Harris.

Price, 64, of Gloucester, died followed a wreck at Ballaugh during the Monster Energy Supersport 1 race. Harris, 34, of Sheffield, crashed at Joey’s (26th Milesont) during the RL360 Superstock TT.

Harris became the 242nd rider to perish in both TT and Manx Grand Prix races since racing begin on the Isle of Man in 1911.

Following are the podium finishes for each race of the 2014 Isle of Man TT:

2014 Isle of Man TT Dainese Superbike TT Results (Saturday, May 31):
1. (6) Michael Dunlop, Hawk Racing BMW S1000RR: 01:45.46.384 – Speed, 128.415mph
2. (4) Guy Martin, Tyco Suzuki 01:46:06.954 – 128mph
3. (10) Conor Cummins, Honda Racing: 01:46:09.934 – 127.940mph

2014 Isle of Man TT Monster Energy Supersport Race 1 Results (Monday, June 2):
1. (7) Gary Johnson, Smiths Triumph: 01:12.43.035 – 124.526mph
2. (5) Bruce Anstey, Valvoline Honda: 01:12.44.537, 124.483mph
3. (6) Michael Dunlop, MD Racing Honda: – 124.194mph

2014 Isle of Man TT Royal London 360 Superstock Results (Tuesday, June 3):
1. (6) Michael Dunlop, MD Racing BMW: 01:11:10.773 – 127.216mph
2. (12) Dean Harrison, RC Express Kawasaki: 01:11:30.882 – 126.620mph
3. (5) Bruce Anstey, Valvoline Honda: 01.:11.54.197 – 125.936mph

2014 Isle of Man TT Monster Energy Supersport Race 2 Results (Wednesday, June 4):
1. (6) Michael Dunlop, MD Racing: 01:12:23.794 – 125.078mph
2. (5) Bruce Anstey, Valvoline Honda: 01:12:33.883 – 124.788mph
3. (8) William Dunlop, Tyco Suzuki: 01:12:47.678 – 124.394

2014 Isle of Man TT Senior TT Results (Friday, June 6):
1. (6) Michael Dunlop, Hawk Racing BMW: -1:45:33.291 – 128.680mph
2. (10) Conor Cummins, Honda Racing: 01:45:47.291 – 128.396mph
3. (4) Guy Martin, Tyco Suzuki: 01:45:56.962 – 128.201mph

2014 Isle of Man TT SES Zero TT Race Results (Wednesday, June 4):
1. (1) John McGuinness, Shinden San / Team Mugen: 19:17.300 – 117.366mph
2. (5) Bruce Anstey, Shinden San / Team Mugen: 19:40.625 – 115.048mph
3. (8) Robert Barber, Buckeye Current RW-2.x/The Ohio State: 24:12.230 – 93.531mph

2014 Isle of Man TT bikesocial.co.uk Lightweight Race Results (Friday, June 6):
1. (12) Dean Harrison, RC Express Kawasaki: 57:49.129 – 117.460mph
2. (2) James Hillier, Quattro Plant Kawasaki: 58:03.755 – 116.967mph
3. (11) James Cowton, Staurt Smith Racing Kawasaki: 58:12.754 – 116.666

2014 Isle of Man TT Sure Formula Sidecar 1 Race Results (Saturday, May 31):
1. (5) Conrad Harrison/Mike Aylott, Shelbourne Honda: 59:34.820 – 113.987mph
2. (4) John Holden/Andrew Winkle, LCR Silicone Engineering/Barnes Racing: 59:51.823 – 113.448mph
3. (3) Tim Reeves/Gregory Cluze, DMR/SMT: 01:00:08.410 – 112.926mph

2014 Isle of Man TT Sure Formula Sidecar 2 Race Results (Wednesday, June 4):
1. (1) Dave Molyneux/Patrick Farrance, DMR: 01:00:01.355 – 113.147mph
2. (5) Conrad Harrison/Mike Aylott, Shelbourne Honda: 01:00:45.285 – 11.784mph
3. (4) John Holden/Andrew Winkle: LCR/Silicone Engineering/Barnes Racing: 01:01:21.282 – 110.961mph

Photos by Wayne Freestone

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    The ease to find the results from the 2014 Tt races from the ultimatemotorcycling.com webb site, and the stories, pictures has been triffice.thanks bob from australia, back in the 50, s, we would rely on Bbc for results.l had my life time dream come true in 2011 going to the 100 year of the mountian corse, the best three weeks spent on the ISle of Man, thanks for results and other stories from the island.

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