2014 Piaggio MP3 500 First Ride Test

2014 Piaggio MP3 500 ABS/ASR | First Ride Test

2014 Piaggio MP3 500 First Ride Review

Celebrating 150,000 MP3s sold – more than 12,000 of those in France – it was only natural for Piaggio to launch its latest 500cc high tech version in Paris.

Paris is in fact the world leader for three-wheeled scooters, and you can’t go anywhere without seeing one.

The new and longer seat is superbly comfortable, and underneath it is more space than ever. Piaggio has demolished the thin wall separating two compartments and made them into one large one. The 2014 MP3 500 easily accommodates two full faced helmets.

The ABS and ASR (traction control) works better on the MP3 than on any other scooter/motorcycle I have tested, and that’s because of the third wheel. It’s virtually impossible to loose the front, and the ASR traction control takes care of the single rear wheel. Fantastic stuff, really, and it can be ridden with a car license.

Car drivers need not worry because the MP3 is really easy to ride and nearly idiot-proof with its many safety features.

A relatively powerful engine pulls you forward or rather pushes you as the automatic drive is delivered to the rear wheel only. Full lean on wet cobalt roads can’t be beaten easily and I suspect, no I know that the MP3 does this much better than any motorcycle or scooter.

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Photos by Milagro