2014 Vespa GTS 300 Super Review

2014 Vespa GTS 300 Super Review

2014 Vespa GTS 300 Super Test

Sitting in the Vespa’s comfortable seat on an open road in Tuscany, I can smell spring in the air. The queen of Vespa scooters – the GTS 300 – has received the latest in high-tech rider aids: ABS and traction control.

But the additional safety features on the 2014 Vespa GTS 300 “Super” haven’t taken away any feelings of freedom. While the single-cylinder four stroke buzzes underneath me, I notice the butterflies in the fields covered in yellow spring flowers. It’s good to be both human and insect liberated by the warming sun.

The essence of the 2014 Vespone lies in the new high tech features giving more piece of mind on a slippery road. The ASR traction control takes care of sudden slips over a manhole cover or a wet leaf while the ABS gives safe and powerful braking power everywhere.

This is good news in particular on the GTS as it is a little more powerful than other Vespa scooters. The single produces a claimed 22 horsepower and 16 ft/lb of torque with more oomph all over its register than previous models.

The GTS is great for both town and country lanes as it offers a flexible engine that easily allows a pillion passenger to travel with you for many miles at a time. Under the seat you’ll find a little more space than on previous GTS models and on the standard GTS there’s a luggage rack included.

The GTS Super gets special wheels, wheel trim and a new paintjob in the blue gaiola color. As with other Vespa’s the GTS large body is also made of steel ensuring longevity and a good second hand value.

The Vespa GTS has got superb acceleration for a scooter and the midrange has been improved further compared to previous models. Twist the grip and there’s enough to overtake cars even at speeds above 60 mph. The seamless transmission simply works in a very smooth manner which makes you forget it’s even there.

The ASR traction control demonstrated its usefulness many times during the test ride from leaving the graveled road leading to the hotel and acceleration over dirt on the roads.

The ASR is pretty intrusive for maximum safety but it’s ok because we’re talking about a 22-horsepower Vespa scooter here and not a 150-horespower superbike. Under the new front suspension sits a disc brake with dual channel ABS which stops the Vespa GTS with both power and great safety. The GTS even features a disc brake at the rear as well so it’s Vespa’s flagship also in terms of safety.

While riding I also tested the new Vespa multimedia platform that connects an iPhone via USB to the Vespa. By using Vespa’s app you can read a host of data from the ABS/ASR equipped GTS such as torque output at any given rpm, lean angle and much more.

If you park your Vespa in a big city next to a lot of other Vespa’s it’s reassuring that the VMP app knows exactly where your Vespa is by using GPS coordinates. The GTS is very high tech but only on the ASR/ABS version.

2014 Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS Conclusion:

If peace of mind and comfort is high on your agenda then the Vespa GTS 300 ABS/ASR is the perfect choice. It doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty classy and classic too.

Transition from a less powerful and lighter 125cc scooter is seamless as everything feels the same just better and even more comfortable. The GTS is the ultimate Vespa to grow with.

2014 Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS Positives/Negatives:

+ Comfortable suspension and a plush ride
+ Extra oomph in the midrange
+ Superb safety features in the ABS brakes and traction control

– More bulky than a 125

Photos by Milagro