Moto2’s Maverick Vinales Interview: ‘I hope I scare them!’

Moto2's Maverick Vinales Interview: 'I hope I scare them!'
Maverick Vinales en route to the COTA Moto2 win
Moto2's Maverick Vinales Interview: 'I hope I scare them!'
Maverick Vinales en route to the COTA Moto2 win

Maverick Vinales Interview

We caught up with Moto2 rookie Maverick Vinales before he headed to Argentina for round 3. Vinales arrives in Argentina following his first Moto2 victory at Texas’ Circuit of the Americas two weeks ago.

The 19-year-old Spaniard – the 2013 Moto3 Championship – won his first Moto2 racer earlier than any other rookie in the class.

UMC: You just won the race in Austin; did you ever think you would win that race or be fighting for a win this early in your Moto2 career?

Vinales: “No, I wasn’t thinking about winning in the first few races before, but in the end Austin was a great weekend.  At first, I only wanted to avoid any problems because everybody was going like crazy, so when I caught up to the group with Aegerter and Simeon I concentrated on riding.

“When they started to lose the distance we had on the riders behind us, I decided to go to the front and push.  I concentrated and made a few nearly perfect laps.”

UMC: What were you thinking when you were leading the race with Tito right behind and trying to catch you?

Vinales: “I was thinking about not making a mistake! I tried to just do perfect laps and use the advantage of being in the front until the last lap.”

UMC: You are on the way to the first race at the new track in Argentina, what will be the strategy there?

Vinales: “The strategy will be to the same that we had in Austin:  Work hard and be ready to do the last five laps or so fast – like always!”

UMC: Do you think the field will be more equal because it is a new circuit for everyone?

Vinales: “I think the new track will open the field of riders up. So yes, we’ll be able to see those who go really hard and it will show the difference between the riders.”

UMC: Are you intimidated by Tito [Rabat]? He has more experience in Moto2, won the first race and is arguably on one of the best teams in the Moto2 class.

Vinales: “At this point, with the time I’ve been in the world championship, nobody intimidates me. I’m not afraid of anyone!”

UMC: Do you think they are intimidated by you?

Vinales: “I hope so, I hope so – I hope I scare them!”