Husqvarna Opens New California Facility, Announces 2014 Pricing

Mark Blackwell, Malcolm Smith, Jon-Erik Burleson, Dick Burleson and Larry Roeseler.
Mark Blackwell, Malcolm Smith, Jon-Erik Burleson, Dick Burleson and Larry Roeseler.
Mark Blackwell, Malcolm Smith, Jon-Erik Burleson, Dick Burleson and Larry Roeseler.

Husqvarna Motorcycle News

Almost a year ago, Pierer Industry AG – an Austrian holding company owned by Stefan Pierer, who owns 51 percent of KTM (Bajaj of India is other major stakeholder) – purchased Husqvarna from BMW.

Plans were drastically changed for the Husqvarna brand, including a switch back to a complete motocross lineup. And once it arrived under the KTM North American management 10 months ago, things begin, including the unveiling of an all-new 2014 lineup of the Mattighofen-built Husky models.

This past weekend, the new Husky facilities in Murrieta, Calif., officially opened ahead of the 2014 Husqvarna Dealer’s Meeting, and all prices for 2014 models were announced.

Brad Hagi (Husqvarna Vice President) says: “We’re thrilled to have the to who’s who of motorcycle dealers and business owners here to commemorate this landmark moment.

“The new headquarters is really impressive. The vintage photography alongside the brand-new Husqvarna motorcycles illustrates of how far this brand has come, and this all-new facility clearly shows our commitment to the future.”

After a champagne toast and official ribbon cutting, over 300 dealers, VIPs, media and industry guests received a tour of the new 15,000 square-foot facility.

From there, dealers attended a dinner and presentation at Ponte Winery in Temecula, California where Hagi, along with President Jon-Erik Burleson, talked about the future of the company. Topics included the re-uniting of Husqvarna and Husaberg, the direction of Husqvarna Motorcycles in 2014, and how the KTM and Husqvarna will complement each other in the market place.

Jon-Erik Burleson says: “We not only have a great opportunity with Husqvarna, but also a responsibility to uphold its core values.

“Husky stands for premium components, Swedish culture, heritage and of course, racing, and we remain dedicated to these values with the rebirth of Husqvarna.”

Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH and KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG now stand together under the umbrella of KTM AG, and as such, will share a number of platforms and resources.

Burleson also outlined where the companies will remain separate and distinct in the U.S. market: “We plan to have unique dealerships where possible,” Burleson explained. “Husqvarna’s marketing, customer service and racing efforts will be run completely separate from KTM North America. We’re excited to have two European brands to challenge the four Japanese brands with in the market place instead of just one, but I’m also really looking forward to going to the races and seeing Husqvarna and KTM battling each other for the win.”

Burleson concluded the presentation by inviting Husqvarna legends up to the stage, which, of course, included his father, eight-time National Enduro champion and AMA Hall of Famer Dick Burleson. Also in the house were Malcolm Smith, Gunnar Lindstrom, Chuck Sun, Larry Roeseler and Mark Blackwell.

“Husqvarna would also like to extend a sincere thank you to Tom White, Kelly Owen and Malcolm Smith for use of their immaculate vintage Husqvarna Motorcycles at the Southern California headquarters, which will remain on display,” Hagi added.

With the North American facility now operational, and a healthy dealer network quickly taking shape, Husqvarna Motorcycles will be arriving on showroom floors as early as the first week of March. Model year 2014 MSRPs were also finally announced, as was the coming of a 2015 model year lineup in summer 2014.

2014 Husqvarna Motorcycles MSRP (USD)

TC 85      $5,399
TC 125    $6,549
TC 250    $7,249
FC 250    $8,049
FC 450    $9,049

TE 250    $8,349
TE 300    $8,549
FE 250    $8,649
FE 350    $9,549
FE 501    $9,899


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