2014 MV Agusta 3-Cylinder Motorcycles (Finally) Get ABS

MV Agusta now offers ABS on its 675 and 800 models.
MV Agusta now offers ABS on its 675 and 800 models.
MV Agusta now offers ABS on its 675 and 800 models.

2014 MV Agusta ABS on 3-cylinder Motorcycles

Two-thousand twelve was a landmark year for MV Agusta. That year, the Varese company – known for its exotic and expensive  F4 superbikes – was about to enter the world of middle weights.

And it wasn’t cheap; MV Agusta spent $25 million developing an entirely new three-cylinder engine that echoed back to the machines of Giacomo Agostini – motorcycles that the legend piloted to six consecutive world titles. And in 2012, the first product of this development was launched – the F3 675.

The supersport brought much energy into MV Agusta sales, and it was followed by the Brutale 675. Riding this wave of middle-weight popularity, MV Agusta launched a series of bigger 798cc triples, including the Brutale 800, the F3 800 and  the Rivale 800.

These bikes have helped MV Agusta manage financially, but they always lacked one item that is almost standard in the world of high-performance motorcycles – ABS.

This changes for the 2014 model year, though; MV Agusta reported Thursday that it would now offer Bosch 9MP ABS on its F3 675, Brutale 675, F3 800, Brutale 800 and Rivale 800 motorcycles. With performance always in the forefront, riders can deactivate the ABS on all models.  The F3 675 and F3 800 supersports will also feature two ABS modes – Normal and Race.

Though it wasn’t reported, we also expect to see ABS offered on the latest 800s, including the new adventure-styled Turismo Veloce, the about-to-be debut Dragster, and the yet-to-be-unveiled motorcycle expected later this year.

MV Agusta says the Bosch 9MP ABS unit, which is offered on some of MVA’s fiercest competitors including the Ducati Hypermotard family, will utilize an internal pressure sensor and independent wheel sensors on each axle.

Speaking of the system, MV Agusta says “the ABS was specifically developed to provide safer, more effective deceleration on all road surfaces without compromising either the power or the progressiveness of the system and with the clear aim of obtaining the shortest possible braking distances.”

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