2013 BMW R 1200 GS - the best-selling UK motorcycle over 125cc
2013 BMW R 1200 GS – the best-selling UK motorcycle over 125cc

BMW R 1200 GS in the UK

Just as it was the number-one selling motorcycle worldwide for BMW Motorrad, the R 1200 GS also dominated the adventure-sports sectors in overall sales in the UK, becoming the UK’s best-selling bike over 125cc.

It wasn’t only in 2013, though; the R 1200 GS has completed this feat for four consecutive years.

Following are some sales highlights of the BMW R 1200 GS, along with overall BMW Motorcycle Sales in the UK and worldwide sales.

BMW R 1200 GS 2013 sales highlights:

  •     The 2013 liquid-cooled BMW R 1200 GS was the UK’s best-selling motorcycle over 125cc, with 1,737 registered.
  •     This is the fourth consecutive year that the R 1200 GS has been the UK’s best-selling motorcycle over 125cc.
  •     The R 1200 GS outsold the second best-selling motorcycle in the UK by a ratio of 2.3 to 1 (1,737 to 743).
  •     Over 25,000 of the new R 1200 GS have been sold worldwide, the most for any new model in the 90-year history of BMW Motorrad.

BMW Motorrad UK 2013 sales highlights:

  •     The air-cooled R 1200 GS Adventure was the third best-selling motorcycle in the UK over 125cc and the second best-selling adventure-sports model with 735 registered in 2013.
  •     BMW GS motorcycles now account for 27.7% of sales in the growing adventure-sports sector. This has increased from 25% in 2012.
  •     The air-cooled R 1200 RT was the UK’s best-selling touring motorcycle, with 617 registered.
  •     The R 1200 RT was also the 10th best-selling motorcycle over 125cc in the UK.
  •     The new F 800 GT middleweight was the second best-selling touring motorcycle, with 474 registrations.
  •     Four out of the top five best-selling touring motorcycles in the UK are BMWs (K 1600 GT & K 1600 GTL fourth and fifth respectively).
  •     BMW motorcycles now account for 52.3% of the touring sector.
  •     BMW Motorrad’s UK market share over 500cc has grown from 14.4% in 2012 to 15.9% in 2013.
  •     Market share has almost tripled from 5.7% in 2007 to 15.9% in 2013.
  •     BMW Motorrad is the second most popular brand over 500cc in the UK.

BMW Motorrad 2013 worldwide sales highlights:

  •     BMW Motorrad celebrated its third consecutive all-time sales high in 2013, with over 115,000 motorcycles sold globally.
  •     Over 25,000 of the all-new R 1200 GS sold worldwide.
  •     The debut of the new R 1200 GS saw the best ever first-year sales of any new model in BMW Motorrad’s nine decades.

Adrian Roderick (General Manager for BMW Motorrad UK) says: “We are delighted to be able to say that the BMW R 1200 GS is, once again, the UK’s best-selling motorcycle over 125cc. The first ever liquid-cooled R 1200 GS offers performance, technology and innovation, taking adventure-sports motorcycles to an entirely new level. For it to have achieved such success in its first year is a wonderful endorsement from owners.

“What’s more, for the R 1200 RT and R 1200 GS Adventure to have sold so well is huge commendation for these much-loved models. With both being replaced by all-new liquid-cooled versions in March, we look forward to further strengthening BMW Motorrad’s position at the top of the touring and adventure-sports sectors.

“On the global scale, BMW Motorrad has celebrated its third consecutive all-time best year of sales in 2013. The new GS has been a huge part of that success; with the liquid-cooled model breaking BMW’s own records for the best first year sales of any model in their 90-year-history.”

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