MotoGP | Crutchlow Talks Winter, GP13 & Lorenzo to Ducati Rumors

Ducati Team's Cal Crutchlow

2014 MotoGP Pre-Season Interview

During winter, MotoGP pilots spend much of their downtime training both the body and mind for the upcoming season.

One man who has had a busy winter so far doing just that – along with a marriage – is Ducati’s newest rider, the Englishman Cal Crutchlow.

The 28-year-old former Monster Tech 3 Yamaha pilot recently offered comment regarding his winter, marriage, the evolution of the Ducati Desmosedici, and the rumors of his friend Jorge Lorenzo joining Ducati in 2015.

Many rumors have circulated about two-time MotoGP Champion Lorenzo leaving Yamaha Factory Racing and joining Ducati for 2015, but it’s all speculation, even to friends like Crutchlow who thinks it may be true.

Cal Crutchlow (Ducati Team GP13 MotoGP) says: “I believe that maybe there is truth in it. As Jorge has said himself, every manufacturer is going to want to speak to him. Of course Lin (Jarvis – Yamaha Factory Racing, Managing Director) is going to deny it because he wants to keep him. I hope he (Jorge) makes the right decision on where he goes.

“It would be a big challenge for him if he did come to Ducati, but I know nothing about it. The best guys to ask are the bosses of the manufacturers. Of course Jorge will deny it too, as he will want to speak to the current manufacturer that he is with. If he did come to Ducati in 2015 when I’m still there it would not affect me in the slightest, though he would bring a wealth of data and a lot of speed.”

Crutchlow went on to discuss his marriage to Lucy and their honeymoon in Mexico.

Cal Crutchlow says: “Two weeks after the final race at Valencia we came to California, where we’ve spent winter recently. At the beginning of January we got married in La Hoya and it was just a perfect day. For me it was the highlight of the year and we’re excited about the future together.

“While on their honeymoon in Mexico, Crutchlow and Lucy got invalid in a home-building day: “We came across the project through a friend, it was a great opportunity and we did it with ‘Homes of Hope’ and ‘Do More Than Sport’. We have a fantastic time traveling and we’re lucky to have the lifestyle that we have, so we wanted to give something back to those who are not as fortunate as us. It was a humbling experience. For the people we built for their family means everything to them and now they have a proper home.”

As for physical prep, Crutchlow described his regime to stay fit.

Cal Crutchlow says: “There is not much to it other than running and cycling really. I just can’t go to the gym because as soon as I start to do that I put on muscle and I get heavier. Clearly lighter guys have an advantage in MotoGP so I have to be careful as I’m already one of the heavier guys.

“The older anyone gets the harder it is to lose weight. My body fat % right now is around 8% which is perfect for traveling and perfect for racing in MotoGP. I’m doing what I can and I’m pleased with the work I’m doing physically.

“I have a lot friends who come out here to California to train, they are professional cyclists and we have a great time on the bicycles. Long days, hard days. No doubt about it, MotoGP is a very physical sport.”

Crutchlow then spoke of the evolution of the Ducati Desmosedici and the upcoming testing.

Cal Crutchlow says: “The first test will be an initial shakedown when you’ve had so much time off the bike. Riding around Malaysia for three days is not easy. So you have to get back into riding shape.

“I’ve just this second got off the phone to Gigi (Luigi Dall’Igna – Ducati Corse General Manager). Communication is absolutely key. I speak with Daniele Romagnoli every couple of days to stay updated with what’s going on. But I’m not going to tell you the plan as that’s part of racing in MotoGP! With the ‘Open’ class story I know nothing about it so as far as I’m aware I’m riding a MotoGP bike for Ducati.”

Crutchlow will be at the first official test of 2014 MotoGP Feb. 4-6 at Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia.