Carlos Checa Talks About Ducati, Condition, & Future of World SBK

Carlos Checa, the 2011 World SBK Champion
Carlos Checa, the 2011 World SBK Champion
Carlos Checa, the 2011 World SBK Champion

Carlos Checa Interview

Following the 2013 World Superbike Championship, the Spaniard Carlos Checa announced his retirement.  The 2011 World SBK Champion has a long history with Ducati, and continues to work with the manufacturer based in Bologna, Italy.

The 41-year old was recently interviewed at the Generalitat de Catalunya in Barcelona this week. At the event, President Artur Mas says Checa is part of a group of riders who are representatives of Catalunya in world-level motorcycle racing. Following is an interview with Checa from the event.

Checa on his new role with Ducati:

“Basically I want to take my time. I told everyone I want to have at least one year to relax and some time to recover. I will work with Ducati for presentations and promotional events, but nothing that requires sporting competition. I would like to do some track days, too. I reckon Ducati will organize something like 10-15 events in a year.”

Checa on his physical condition:

“It was quite difficult to recover but at the same time my new situation gives me some time. For the first time I have no rush to come back like I used to do when I was racing. I’m still not walking perfectly, but hopefully by the end of December, beginning of January I’ll start doing some exercises outdoor, I hope also skiing and cross-country, but I would take it steadily.

“My conditions are now much better, doctors said that it usually takes 3-4 months to recover from this type of injury. Of course now I can probably ride bikes, but now it is not the case and my feeling is that hopefully in January I will leave all this behind and start back doing some sporting activities like I always did.”

Checa on the future of WSBK

“A new generation of riders is what brings World Superbike to the future, as well as new technical rules and a different approach into things. It’s a beginning of a new era for many reasons and I think this will work very well for the sport.”

Checa on the Evo class

“Honestly I’m very positive about the introduction of the EVO class. Technology doesn’t bring more emotions, maybe more safety, but the field is surely going to be much more leveled.

“In such a difficult time for the economy, especially in the world of motorcycling, cost reduction is crucial. Superbike is not about technology, it’s about great competition for all the people involved in the series.”