UCLEAR – Free Upgrade to 4 Rider Intercom for HBC100 Plus

UCLEAR - Free Upgrade to 4 Rider Intercom for HBC100 PlusUCLEAR Motorcycle Communication Free Upgrade

UCLEAR, the industry leaders in Bluetooth communication systems, introduces a FREE software update to the HBC100 Plus. The upgrade makes it possible for intercom use up to four riders with a 1.2 mile range, enhancing the riding experience for recreational outdoor enthusiasts.

The advanced technology found in UCLEAR’s products eliminates boom microphones and analog communication found in most helmet systems,  replacing it with digital technology allowing users to make calls, listen to, control and share music.

The UCLEAR communication system acts as a digital network that connects an unlimited number of users. Their digital dual Microphone Array Technology forms a virtual “sweet zone” at the user’s mouth, allowing for hands-free communication, voice commands and eliminates the need for a close-talk microphone.

Jeff Blood (Vice President of UCLEAR) says: “Our consumers and the market expect more for their money with helmet communications systems.  Intercom features have become an expected value in helmet communicators and adding more riders to our intercom feature extends that value for FREE.  We listened and had our engineers expand our solution adding more value to the product.

“Motorcyclists, snowboarders, skiers, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts can now enjoy adventure at any speed allowing them to connect more freely as a group.”

The FREE software update will be available on November 25, 2013 on the web site: www.uclear-digital.com/us/firmware.

The UCLEAR HBC100 Plus is retailed at $199.99 or dual packs for $369.99. In the U.S. they can be purchased through Cycle Gear nationwide and distributed through Western Power Sports, Fulmer and Marshall Distributers. In Canada through Kimpex and Gamma Sales or on-line at www.uclear-digital.com/us/

To learn more about UCLEAR or to view the entire product line, visit www.uclear-digital.com/us/.