2013 MotoGP Champ Marc Marquez Welcomed Home a Hero

MotoGP Champion Marc Marquez as he is welcomed home
MotoGP Champion Marc Marquez as he is welcomed home
MotoGP Champion Marc Marquez as he is welcomed home

Cervera hails its 2013 MotoGP Champion

Just like they did in 2010 when he took the 125cc title and in 2012 when he took the Moto2 title, the folks of Cervera, Lleida in Spain put on a huge celebration for its returning hometown hero – Marc Marquez.

This past weekend, thousands of fans were in Marquez’s hometown to congratulate the 20-year-old who took the premier-class MotoGP title in his rookie year. En route to the title, Marquez more than impressed by breaking loads of records.

Marquez, who debuted with Repsol in 2008, was joined by his younger brother Alex – the 2013 Moto3 Rookie of the year. The two participated in a press conference before they were paraded around town in an open-top car.

The tour concluded on a stage where the Marquez brothers spoke to their fans.

Marc Marquez (2013 MotoGP Champion) says: “I’m very happy to be celebrating the title here, in my home town, with all of these fans who have come out despite the rain and snow. It is really beautiful and an honor for a rider to receive this level of affection from the fans.

“A day like this is enjoyable for everyone; a title like this one should be celebrated well, because it is hard to achieve and it belongs to the people here in a small way too. I am very grateful for their support and I see more and more people with flags or the number 93 shirt at every race; it is something that really excites me. I also want to thank the team, who couldn’t miss this party and who are the ones who made a season like this year’s possible.”

Alex Marquez (2013 Moto3 Rookie of the Year) says: “Today was a very special day and we felt very loved. I personally felt the support of the people of Cervera and everyone who had come here from outside; there were a lot of people in the street, despite the bad weather. Everyone showing their affection like this gives enormous pride, pushes you to do even better and makes a day like today unforgettable. After the celebration it will be time to let it all sink in, rest a little and turn our attention to next year.”

Following the MotoGP season finale at Valencia, Marc Marquez also topped the time sheets for the post-season test there. The pilot of the # 93 Repsol Honda is once again expected to be a top competitor in 2014 MotoGP.