AMA Reviews Amateur Racing & Recreational Event Rules

AMA Reviews Amateur Racing & Recreational Event Rules

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The 2013 American Motorcyclist Association Congress convened Thursday for its 46th annual meeting.

The meeting, taking place October 3-5 in Columbus, Ohio, brings together elected delegates from around the country to consider, debate and vote on recommended changes to the rules and regulations governing AMA-sanctioned motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle sporting events.

Jeff Massey (AMA Vice President of Operations) says: "AMA-sanctioned races and rides have represented the gold standard of motorcycle and ATV events since 1924, and that success is built on the expertise and dedication of current and previous members of AMA Congress.

"AMA Congress delegates come from all riding backgrounds, and their work here, and throughout the year back in their home states, contributes to the collective wisdom that has governed AMA events for generations."

AMA Congress is the rulemaking body for amateur and Pro-Am motorcycle and ATV competition sanctioned by the AMA. AMA Congress also sets the rules, procedures and policies that govern recreational motorcycle activities sanctioned by the AMA.

Jeff Massey says: "Only AMA-chartered clubs and promoters running AMA-sanctioned events can use the AMA Amateur Competition and Recreational Riding rulebooks.

"This is one of the most enduring benefits of affiliating with the AMA, whether as an organizer or rider. As an organizer, you have access to the disciplines created by AMA Congress and codified in the AMA rulebooks. As a rider, you know that the events you attend run according to fair and balanced rules."

The 2013 assembly of AMA Congress begins today with referee training, a government relations report, new delegate orientation and meetings of the general rules and technical committees. On Friday, Oct. 4, committees will meet to debate discipline-specific rule changes. Saturday, Oct. 5, will include business meetings and the general session.

A full list of 2013 AMA Congress proposals is here. AMA members can find their AMA Congress representatives by clicking here.


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