NYC Motorist Beaten by Gang of Motorcyclists | Video

NYC Motorist Beaten by Gang of Motorcyclists | Video

Sportbike Riders Beat Land Rover Driver in NYC

An over six-minute video went viral this week, the footage from a helmet cam a sport bike rider witnessing the incident of a motorist being pursued and later allegedly beaten Sunday by a gang of motorcyclists.

The 33-year-old driver of a Land Rover, Alexian Lien, was chased down by a pack of at least 30 bikers, and was brutally beaten, NYC Police say.

The details of the incident are currently under investigation, but the video shows some proof of what exactly occurred. The video begins with the many bikers already surrounding Lien’s vehicle on the Henry Hudson Highway, but why remains the mystery.

Various NYC publications report Lien was celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary, and was out for a drive on the West Side in his SUV with his wife and two-year-old daughter.

Again, the details are sketchy, but the video shows that the SUV was surrounded by loads of motorcycles, many without license plates. A motorcyclists seems to slow in front of the SUV, and this is the rider that was allegedly ran over by the Range Rover, the rider falling to the ground.

Following this incident, Lien’s vehicle is stopped, and he speeds away, running over at least one motorcycle. The footage displays the Range Rover being chased near the George Washington Bridge, and finally stopping on West 178th Street.

Here, the video shows a motorcyclist taking his helmet off, and smashing the driver’s side window. Later, which is not caught on the camera, Lien was allegedly pulled from the vehicle and beaten.

Reports say Lien was treated for face and chest lacerations at Columbia University Medical Center. Reports also say Lien was not charged.

Reports also say that a rider struck by Lien, Jeremiah Mieses, may be left paraplegic.

The exact cause of the incident is still under investigation, but police have confirmed the arrest of one rider – Christopher Cruz, 28. He was charged with reckless endangerment, menacing, reckless driving and acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17.

Police have reported that motorcyclists were allegedly part of an unauthorized ride in NYC that descends on Times Square called “Hollywood Stuntz.” This ride has caused chaos in NYC in the past.

This year police prepared for the ride, setting up various checkpoints at the tunnels and bridges leading into Manhattan. During the checkpoints, which checked riders and vehicle inspections, 15 people were reportedly arrested due to vehicular charges, and 55 motorcycles were confiscated.

Attached above is the video. Stay clicked to for further information as reports become available.


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