2013 Indianapolis MotoGP | Bridgestone Preview

Ducati Team works on GP13
Ducati Team works on GP13
Ducati Team works on GP13

2013 Red Bull Indianapolis Bridgestone Preview

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the famed Brickyard that has been on the MotoGP schedule since 2008, will mark the third and final US round of the 2013 season.

And action is expected to be as intense as the first American rounds at Circuit of the Americas and Laguna Seca; Indy is 2.61-miles long, and incorporates many unique elements, including some of the famed oval course that is used at the Indianapolis 500, an infield section that was used by Formula 1, and also a short stretch created just for MotoGP.

Overall, the circuit is tight and twisty which places an emphasis for good rear grip for accelerating out of the many slow corners.

The circuit runs in a counter-clockwise direction and there are 10 left-hand turns compared to six right-hand turns, so asymmetric rear slicks with harder rubber on the left shoulder are supplied at Indianapolis. The final section of the circuit through turns twelve to fourteen is a sequence of fast left-handers which generate very high rear tire temperatures. To manage this extreme demand on the rear tires, all rear slick options for this race are in Bridgestone’s heat-resistant construction.

Front slick compounds for Indianapolis are the soft and hard compounds. The soft compound offers greater edge grip on a track surface that can be quite slippery in places, while the hard compound option is designed for use when ambient and track temperatures reach high levels, which is a common occurrence at this circuit. The main wet tire for Indianapolis is the soft compound option.

Hiroshi Yamada (Manager, Bridgestone Motorsport Department) says: “After the paddock enjoyed its Summer break, it is great to get the second half of the MotoGP season underway this weekend at such an iconic venue as the Indianapolis MotorSpeedway.

“The championship is delicately poised and with three back-to-back races coming up, the next few weeks will be a major factor in deciding who will be this year’s MotoGP World Champion. Despite the lack of racing in the past few weeks, it has been a busy time for Bridgestone as after our latest success at the Suzuka 8hours a couple of weeks ago, we have been supporting MotoGP tests both in Japan and Europe.

“At Indianapolis we will also be holding our second Bridgestone Golf Performance Challenge with MotoGP riders, IndyCar drivers and other racing personalities taking part in the event which will help raise funds for Riders for Health, so there will be a lot happening both on and off the track.”
Shinji Aoki (Manager, Bridgestone Motorsport Tire Development Department) says: “Indianapolis is comprised of three distinct parts, with an opening section that was designed specifically for MotoGP, the infield section that was used when Formula One raced here, while another part takes in the famous oval course.

“This characteristic creates different grip levels across the circuit, though a recent resurfacing of the track has taken place to try and make the tarmac more consistent. The layout of the circuit puts greater stress on the left shoulder of the tires and in particular the section from turns twelve to fourteen generates very high temperatures on the left shoulder of the rear tire.

“For this reason we supply asymmetric rear slick with harder rubber on the left shoulder to manage the character of this circuit. The rear slicks for Indianapolis are also in our heat-resistant construction to help manage the high tyre temperatures.”

Bridgestone slick compounds available:
Front: Soft & Hard. Rear: Soft, Medium & Hard (Asymmetric)
Bridgestone wet tire compounds available: Soft (Main), Hard (Alternative)