‘Let It Ride’ with Zach Ness to Premier on NGC August 14

Zach Ness and his crew during the filming of "Let It Ride"
Zach Ness and his crew during the filming of "Let It Ride"
Zach Ness and his crew during the filming of “Let It Ride”

National Geographic Channel’s “Let It Ride” Motorcycle Series

Zach Ness, the grandson of legendary motorcycle builder Arlen Ness, will be the star of the latest series on custom-motorcycle building – “Let It Ride.”

The new show will make its premier on the National Geographic Channel (NGC) at 9 p.m. EDT Wednesday, Aug. 14.

During “Let It Ride,” Zach Ness and his crew will be looking to break new ground in the world of custom motorcycles. And like other famed custom-build shows, such as American Choppers, all the drama and pranks will be there.

Speaking of the show, Ness jokes, “The hardest part of making this show is not being able to keep the bikes!”

Each week, he and his team take on a new and challenging build. Sometimes inspiration strikes and Ness builds a bike on spec. Other times a client comes to him with a request. Either way, Ness is determined to make the best machine possible, but he can’t do it without his boys, NGC says.

Cameron Smith, walking motorcycle encyclopedia and eccentric bike hunter, digs up the lost and hidden gems Ness needs. Bryan Simpson, his lead mechanic, is afraid of nothing when it comes to building the perfect beast. Justin Lynch keeps the team on schedule, fields rapid-fire parts requests and puts a tight lid on the budgets. Jim Jennings is a fabricating fiend who can shape and bend any type of metal on the planet, NGC says.

Wild imagination drives Ness and his crew to create the very best custom motorcycles, either by resurrecting dead bikes or through premium commissions. Devoted to performance, power and beauty, his bikes are a triple threat — but they don’t come easy. You have to … Let It Ride!

Let It Ride Premiere Episodes Include:

Let It Ride: Rockin’ Wheelies: Premieres Wednesday, August 14, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

  • When a stunt rider from the YouTube sensation “Harley Wheelies” group commissions Zach to build a bike, the challenging, big-ticket job comes down to the wire — pushing Zach and his crew to their limits. This monster of a motorcycle needs to be finished in two weeks for the next “Harley Wheelies” video shoot. The problem? The bike Zach buys is just an pile of old parts. Tensions rise as the deadline looms and the Franken-bike refuses to come together.

Let It Ride: British Invasion: Premieres Wednesday, August 21, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

  • When Zach decides to expand his horizons by turning a vintage Triumph into a classic Bobber, his British bike choice drives his builders to the brink. Cameron scores a coup by finding a couple that not only wants to buy the Bobber, but also wants to commission a customized Harley. However, the pair needs the bikes in time for the big Hollister Rally, meaning that this tough Triumph has to be in tip-top shape on the double-quick. Tally ho, lads!

Let It Ride: Flat Track Trouble: Premieres Wednesday, August 28, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

  • After a crash-tastic lesson in flat-track racing, Zach’s on a quest to convert an ancient Harley Sportster into a flat-track race bike. This challenging build leans heavily on Jim, the tater tot–loving lead fabricator. Normally very low-key, Jim starts going off the deep end when his beloved tape measure goes missing. If that isn’t enough, Zach turns up the pressure by adding a high-profile project to the mix — customizing a Victory for a premium Red Bull event with BMX bike champ Corey Martinez.

Let It Ride is produced by Pilgrim Studios for National Geographic Channel. For Pilgrim Studios, executive producers are Craig Piligian and Mike Nichols. For National Geographic Channel, executive producer is Stephanie Buxbaum, vice president of production and development is J-T Ladt and senior vice president of production and development is Alan Eyres.

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