AMSOIL Honda Riders Win Opening Day at Loretta Lynn’s Motocross

Jordon Smith
Jordon Smith

2013 Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

It was a winning start for AMSOIL/Factory Connection Honda  riders Jordon Smith and Matt Bisceglia at Tuesday’s Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship presented by AMSOIL at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

Each rider had his opening race of the weeklong event and both won in convincing fashion: Smith in the 250B Limited class and Bisceglia in the Open Pro class.

Smith might have had the tougher day of the two. His race didn’t roll off until late in the afternoon, so he had to deal with first-race jitters all day long.

Jordon Smith says: “I sat around all day talking to my mechanic and all the boys over at Factory Connection. It was pretty hard to stay calm all day. I kept to my routine. I made sure I ate at the right time, and I had a great moto.”

Smith’s ride was nearly flawless on a track that was wet and slick from the rain that had intermittently peppered the area during the day.

Jordon Smith says: “I didn’t get off to the greatest start, but I made some quick passes and got into the lead by Lap 2. I really put in some hard laps at the beginning because you never know what might happen with the rain. Something crazy might happen or they might red-flag the race.”

Smith also had to ditch some equipment during his ride.

Jordon Smith says: “My goggles got all fogged up and I had to pull them off, so it was good that I got out to a big lead at the beginning. When my goggles came off, I just tried to be smart around the lappers so I wouldn’t get much mud in my eyes.”

Bisceglia never saw the back of a lead-lap rider during his moto. He earned the holeshot and never looked back while building a huge gap on second place. Bisceglia said he knew it was his day right from the start.

Matt Bisceglia
Matt Bisceglia

Matt Bisceglia says: “I drew third for my gate pick, but for some reason numbers one and two didn’t show up, so I really got to pick first. So I was confident with my gate and confident with my start. I popped right off the line and was a bike-length ahead of everyone at the holeshot.

“It was good the first five or six laps. I pulled a pretty good lead, then I got into lappers really, really bad. They didn’t know if I was passing for position or if they were getting lapped. That made it kind of difficult. I’m pumped to come out with a win.”

The AMSOIL/Factory Connection Honda team is the developmental program for GEICO Honda in Supercross and Motocross.

Smith and Bisceglia get their second chance at victory on Wednesday. Smith will race in the 250B class at 10:30 a.m. CDT and Bisceglia races in 250A at 11 a.m.