Speed and Strength to Release Urge Overkill Motorcycle Apparel for 2014

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Dan Courtney, President of Tucker Rocky Distributing, has announced the release of the 2014 Speed and Strength “Urge Overkill” collection, and other plans for next year.

Dan Courtney says: “With a lineup that expands into new categories like urban adventure, performance footwear, and high profile co-branded marketing initiatives, Speed and Strength continues to build on their reputation as the fastest growing street apparel brand in North America.”

Hank Desjardins (V.P. Marketing, Tucker Rocky) says: “2014 is set to be a big year for Speed and Strength. A strong push into the custom V-Twin segment, with marketing initiatives like Stars & Stripes™ will solidify our position as a leader in American Motorcycling.”

In conjunction with the release of the 2014 collection, Speed and Strength kickstarts a partnership with the MMA brand TapouT. Bruce Parker, President of Parker Synergies is pleased to announce the roll out of the new TapouT® Moto line. The first round will feature the TapouT Moto SS700 Helmet as well as men’s and women’s casual wear.

In an effort to give back, Speed and Strength and Tucker Rocky are proud to announce their corporate sponsorship of the Warrior Dog Foundation. Founded by U.S. Navy Seal Mike Ritland, with the sole purpose of aiding the Special Operations community as well as their trusted K-9 partners, in a post combat environment. Our goal is to use our new Dogs of War helmet and casual gear to raise awareness for a great cause.

Look for the 2014 Speed and Strength “Urge Overkill” Collection to launch Saturday, July 20, at the Tucker Rocky dealer show in Fort Worth, Texas and online at ssgear.com.