AMA Pro Flat Track: Isennock Earns 1st Singles Win

AMA Pro Flat Track: Isennock Earns 1st Singles WinAMA Pro J&P Cycles Pro Singles Flat Track

Maryland native and Bell Helmet rider Jason Isennock won his first career AMA Pro J&P Cycles Pro Singles Flat Track race Saturday night in Hagerstown, Md., after taking a see-saw battle with fellow rider Wyatt Maguire.

Jason Isennock says: “It was exciting and a lot of emotions made their way out after the race. We’ve driven 3,000 miles this year to get rained out twice, and then I drive an hour from home and get a win, so that was pretty special.”

A native of Owing Mills, Md., Isennock said he had a feeling Saturday night might be a magical one because his High’s Dairy Stores Honda rolled off his truck set-up almost perfectly for the tricky Hagerstown Speedway track. He said the bike only required minor tweaks here and there to be one of the fastest on the track.

Jason Isennock says: “It was almost too fast. If it were any faster, I think we could have spun the tires off of it. It was great right out of the truck.

“When we ran up front in the heat race I knew we had something pretty good. It was probably one of the best handling motorcycles I’ve ever had in Hagerstown.”

In the main event, it turned into the Isennock and Maguire show as the pair pushed their way out to the front of the pack early and went wheel-to-wheel nearly the whole race.

Jason Isennock says: “Wyatt is a really cool dude to race, and I really enjoy racing with him. It takes a lot of concentration to race at Hagerstown. You can be out front then all of a sudden you’ve got an (opponent’s) wheel creeping up on you. Then all of a sudden you are dropping the hammer and spinning the tires and all kinds of other stuff starts going wrong.”

Maguire said his Kirkland Racing Yamaha and Isennock’s bike’s strengths and weaknesses counter-balanced one another, which made for great racing.

Wyatt McQuire says: “I battled with Jason the whole time. I’d do good through Turns 3 and 4 and I struggled through Turns 1 and 2, where he seemed to get through pretty good, so he’d get me there. It was a close, clean, good battle.”

In the end, Isennock took the lead for good, won the race and the celebration was on.

Jason Isennock says: “I kept my cool and kept my rhythm going every lap. It was one of the best races of my career. We kept the celebration low-key, nothing too crazy. After the race the team and some friends got together at the Waffle House for some breakfast for dinner and cruised on down the road.” Bell Helmet riders actually swept the top five positions in the Pro Singles event with Dan Bromley and his Bromley Brothers KTM finishing third, Ryan Wells and the Waters Auto Body Honda fourth and Stephen VanderKuur aboard the Parkinson Brother Racing Honda in fifth.

Maguire retained the series points lead, and he’s now eight ahead of second place Kyle Johnson heading into the next AMA Pro Flat Track presented by J&P Cycles event July 20 at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, Wash.