Colombian Law Enforcement Buys 100 Zero Police Motorcycles

Bogota Law Enforcement's Zero Police Motorcycles

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In coordination with Zero Motorcycles’ newest South American distributor Northbound Technologies S.A. (NBT S.A), the electric motorcycle manufacturer has sold 100 police models to the Colombia Police Department based out of Bogota.

The distributor will also service and act as the support provider for the Zero Police Motorcycles, as well as all other Zero Motorcycles sold in Colombia.

The mayor of Bogota, Gustavo Petro, held a presentation ceremony Monday in Bogota, debuting the new squad of Zero Police Motorcycles, which are based on Zero DS models (Dual Sport). The specially painted e-bikes will be used for patrols, traffic enforcement, and all daily policing actions within one of Colombia’s largest cities.

The first 100 Zero electric motorcycles will  initially be deployed within the “Kennedy Sector” of the city. As part of Zero’s single largest authority sale and deployment to date, all 100 units have been delivered to Colombia via NBT S.A., who assisted in the brokerage and delivery of the Bogota Police Department deal, Zero Motorcycles reports.

John Lloyd (Vice President of Global Sales of Zero Motorcycles) says: “Zero’s international authority and fleet programs continue to grow quickly. Through our new relationship with Northbound Technologies S.A. and this initial deployment of 100 police motorcycles to the Bogota Police, we have made a significant impact within the South American market. The Bogota Police Department is now well suited for near-silent patrols, quick maneuverability and socially responsible transportation on Zero’s Police model motorcycle.

“Mayor Petro has shown his commitment to delivering innovative, green technology solutions to Bogota with this initial Zero Motorcycles deployment.”

Carlos Andres Vaca Jimenez (General Manager, NBT S.A.) says: “Northbound Technologies S.A. is excited to be working with Zero Motorcycles and serve as their exclusive distributor, service and support provider for Colombia within South America. With this initial deployment of 100 police model electric motorcycles for the Bogota Police, we are excited for future authority and fleet opportunities for Zero.

“Zero’s electric motorcycles are the next generation of environmentally conscious transportation and have the performance specifications that our customers expect. We are now facilitating additional consumer, authority and fleet demands for the entire Zero Motorcycles line-up, including the popular S, DS, FX, XU and MX models, in addition to the successful introduction of Zero’s police motorcycles, here in Colombia.”

Zero reports that all 100 police motorcycles are based on Zero’s highly popular 2012 Zero DS. The Zero DS has an approximate range of 112 miles on a single charge with top speeds of 80 miles per hour. The police motorcycles have been up fitted with a series of components developed exclusively for law enforcement, including sirens and LED lights. With instant torque, no shifting, no noise, no exhaust, minimal heat production and a low weight, the Zero Police Motorcycle allows enforcement agencies to patrol in areas that would otherwise be highly impractical or impossible using an internal combustion motorcycle. In addition, the Zero Police Motorcycle features a maintenance-free powertrain that also offers regenerative braking to partially recoup energy during deceleration. With an air-cooled brushless motor and belt driven system, Zero offers some of the world’s easiest-to-own forms of transportation.

This announcement comes only four weeks after Zero’s landmark authority sales announcement for 59 police motorcycles being delivered to the Hong Kong Government. Law enforcement authority and fleet sales continue to be one of Zero’s fastest growing segments.  In the last year alone, Zero has worked with the Monterey Police Department, Santa Cruz Police Department, San Jose State University Police Department, Scotts Valley Police Department and many large law enforcement agencies, including the London Metropolitan Police.