2013 Bimota DB10 B.motard Test – Dream Motard

2013 Bimota DB10 B.motard

2013 Bimota DB10 B.motard Review

If it’s pure fun you’re after in a vehicle and nothing else, then the 2013 Bimota DB10 E B.motard doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s hard to envision a funnier motorcycle. Any motard is built for supreme rider control and this again allows you to do crazy stuff you can only dream about on a sportbike at a third of the speed. The Bimota DB10 is pure precision.

The DB10 B.motard is pretty much a road legal race tuned air-cooled Hypermotard SP. I’m saying race tuned because as with every Bimota, the DB10 also features a hand made chassis of machined billet aluminum (from one chunk) and steel trellis, which you’ll find on GP bikes.

I found some pretty Italian countryside not far from the Rimini factory, but I didn’t have to wait that long before the riding impressions streamed in. Already from the word go on cold tires I could feel how responsive the chassis, fueling and engine interacts.

With all the new bikes coming with Ride-by-Wire I had almost forgotten what a delight it is to have complete and utter control of the throttle with my right hand. Every inch of throttle given or surrendered results in instant obedience from the big twin, and it truthfully made me doubt some of our times progresses a little bit.

The DB10 is the sort of motorcycle that can and will ride rings around most things in city traffic. Feel is the clue, and during acceleration the DB10 sits down on its rear shock in a very predictable way and when you’ve finally made tarmac contact with the front wheel it’s the same story on the front where the rear lands exactly when the front wheel stops on the white line in front of the lights.

The Bimota DB10 is without a doubt the most attractive hooligan motorcycle I have ever ridden. The double radial Brembo brakes over wavy 320mm discs transmit immense strength dampened through the 50mm magnum Marzocchi fork. Tires are from Continental with a 120/70-17 front and 180/55-17 rear.

In corners the DB10 is in its element as long as they are tight. Seating position is tall and it’s very easy to move body weight forward or backward depending on where in the corner you are as the seat stretches far up onto the 3.5-gallon fuel tank.
The wide handlebar gives superb control and it’s effortless to hang on through some inevitable shaking when hard on the throttle.

The chassis is so lightweight that any rider input is instantly obeyed and the most difficult thing with the DB10 is to wipe of your constant grin. It hurts the jaw after a while!

The 1078cc air-cooled 2-valve Desmo L-twin have received the Bimota treatment with new fuel injection and Arrow exhaust which boosts the old Ducati favorite in all the right places. This engine is now sadly discontinued from Borgo-Panigale company, so if you’re after the ultimate version of the DS1100 then you’ll only find it in the exclusive Bimota DB10 (or DB5-6 and Tesi 3D) until they run out of stock. We are talking 98 horsepower @7,750rpm and 47 ft. lbs. of torque @ 5,750rpm, but with a perfectly tuned feel. You’re going to have to spend many hours and even more dollars to make your Hypermotard feel as good as this.

The midrange,  which I’m tempted to say starts from idle (of course it doesn’t really), is rich and drives everything forward in a highly satisfying way. If you’re emptying the gears in quick succession the DB10 lifts its front wheel in all the three first gears.

There is no throttle lag at all so if you want to settle the big motard down to avoid hitting a fly or something it does so immediately.
Every painted surface apart from the plastic fuel tank is made of carbon fiber and even on something as spartan as the DB10 you’ll find the odd carbon fiber detail in places that nobody can see. It’s pure Italian perfectionism, and for this you’ll have to fork out €21,000 (think about $27,000 USD) ex works.

I have seen one in the UK at that price OTR though so if you’re a potential customer there could be a chance at getting one at this price OTR. The Bimota DB10 B.motard isn’t for people that think of what else they could get for the same price. The DB10 is for the motorcycle connoisseur.

2013 Bimota DB10 B.motard Conclusion

While being highly impractical the Bimota DB10 is one of the most fun and precise motorcycles I have ever tested. You can’t do many miles in one go but you can get nirvana-like motorcycle thoughts inside your helmet every mile from your garage to the cafe 5 miles down the road. If you value every mile you ride then the DB10 is paying you back in entertainment from mile 0 and that’s certainly worth something. Yes I would probably sell one of my sisters for one.

2013 Bimota DB10 B.motard Positives/Negatives


+ Hand made chassis of GP quality with powerful brakes and suspension with great feel

+ Beautifully set up 1078cc Desmo power plant

+ Exclusivity


– Your friends will think you’re crazy when you tell them you could buy the top Italian superbike and a set of top leathers for the same price.

– Highly impractical

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