MV Agusta F3 800 Tech Talk with Manager Brian Gillen

Brian Gillen of MV Agusta
Brian Gillen of MV Agusta
Brian Gillen of MV Agusta

2014 MV Agusta F3 800 Tech

Ultimate MotorCycling’s International Correspondent Tor Sagen was at the recent launch of the 2014 MV Agusta F3 800 in Misano.

Besides lapping the Italian circuit and reviewing MV Agusta’s newest triple, Sagen also sat down with Brian Gillen, MV Agusta’s 3 and 4 Cylinder Platform Manager / MV Corse Technical Lead, to discuss the development of the sportbike.

Following is what Gillen had to say about the F3 800:

About the MV Agusta F3 800 Overall:

It is really important to say that this project began more than five years ago. It began with the development of the 675 and 800 together from the beginning.

Before we even designed the first part we already had a plan to make two different engine displacements out of the three cylinder platform. We came out with the 675 first out of marketing reasons and at the same time we were developing and testing the F3 800.

About the MV Agusta F3 800 Electronics: 

We have an engine management system which is completely common between the two bikes so the ECU and throttle bodies (50mm) are the same between the two bikes. But the F3 800 has a top feed fuel injector assembly which is dedicated to the 800 engine with different fuel injectors. We have fuel injectors on the F3 800 with 15-percent more flow to aid us in making more peak power and additional torque.

When we started the Ride-by-wire project five to six years ago we were smart enough to know that we didn’t know everything. It meant that we really had to think of future flexibility and what we wanted to do with RBW and software. We developed the system so that we could continually develop the strategy and maps and how the ECU thinks and make those maps and strategies available to customers immediately as we developed them.

They could go directly to their MV Agusta dealer and install those maps free of charge. The updates with the maps is not only something that makes the bikes work better it’s also added value to the bikes. For example we are working on the updated downshift on the F4 model range and soon enough we will make this available to customers free of charge. The bikes are always being renewed this way and we will keep making it available. On the MV Agusta website you can check your model and find out when the last updated map were released.

About the MV Agusta F3 800 Engine: 

Differences between the 675 and 800 engine. There’s a new piston and piston crown shape 13.3:1 compression ratio vs. 13:1 on the 675, a new connecting rod which is shorter than the 675. Because the stroke increase has kept the same bore diameter at 79mm but with increased stroke staying within the same confines of the engine casings. The size is the same with a brand new crankshaft with the new stroke and a completely new mechanical slipper clutch which is above and beyond the engine braking that you can adjust electronically.

About the MV Agusta F3 800 Chassis and suspension: 

We have the front suspension with dedicated hydraulic valving and oil level, the spring rate is the same even though the preload is different. The rear shock has dedicated hydraulic valving with the same spring rate. Because of the additional torque and power we had to have a little stiffer hydraulics in order to get the power on to the ground.