Marquez Medically Cleared After Mugello MotoGP Crash

Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez
Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez
Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez Crash & Injury Update

Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez didn’t have much luck at Mugello this past weekend for the Grand Prix of Italy.

During Friday’s second free practice session, Marquez took an extremely high-speed crash at nearly 210 mph (Alpinestars provided data below), sustaining multiple bruises to his right side.

The rookie crashed once again during qualifying, but brushed it off quickly. Then, while running in second with three laps remaining, the Honda RC213V pilot crashed out at Casanova.

Following the high-speed crash at Mugello, Marquez returned home to Barcelona and underwent medical examination at Hospital Universitario Quiron Dexeus.

While there, Doctor Xavier Mir who confirmed the initial diagnosis which took place in Mugello and verified that there are no other injuries.

Doctor Xavier Mir says: “Following the initial examination that we performed on Marc at Mugello, in which he underwent his first X-rays, we weren’t convinced about the condition of his right shoulder.

“Today we have performed some more detailed X-rays on him, which confirm that the injury at the upper point of his humerus is minimal –a small fissure. As such injuries can compromise the condition of tendons in the shoulder, we also gave him a Doppler ultrasound scan. This ruled out any broken tendons.

“What he does have is a small inflammation of the tendons, but this is something that can be treated in a matter of days with physiotherapy. The progress in the 24 hours following the injury was very good. At first he had some difficulty lifting his arm, but this has improved now. He now only has some issues raising it sideways, which again is something that with physiotherapy he will completely recover from in time for the Catalan Grand Prix.”

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Alpinestars Tech Air Suit Data from Friday Practice Crash:

  • Speed at time of loss of control: 337.9 Km/H (209.9 Mph).
  • First impact with ground: 0.080 seconds after crash detection.
  • First impact with ground: 0.030 seconds after full airbag inflation (airbags inflated in 0.050 seconds).
  • Maximum (recorded) energy in crash: 25g (the Tech Air system accelerometers maximum energy recording capability).
  • Duration of significant data during the accident: 4.250 seconds.