at Forefront as EnduroCross Goes Global

BETA's Cody Webb
BETA's Cody Webb
BETA’s Cody Webb

2013 Global X-Games EnduroCross

The reach of the highly popular EnduroCross format is spanning worldwide this summer with off-road motorcycle racing’s inclusion into the Global X-Games. Always on the cutting edge, will be there every step of the way.

The online parts giant will have six top riders sporting the Motorcycle Superstore Bell Helmet during Global Enduro-X competition in Brazil, Spain, Germany and Los Angeles.

Cody Webb (BETA 300 RR EnduroCross) says: “It’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be a great chance to race in front of crowds around the world and bring the sport to a bigger audience.”

Joining Webb, a Motorcycle Superstore team rider who finished second behind KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak in 2012 GEICO AMA EnduroCross, on the Global X-Games team are Maria Forsberg, Kacy Martinez, Bryan Roper, Ryan Sandoval and Gary Sutherlin.

Maria Forsberg says: “When I was told, I was pumped for sure,” said Forsberg, the top female rider in the sport. “To be able to travel the world and race my motorcycle at the same time is a dream come true.

“The two years we’ve been a part of X-Games, Enduro-X has been one of the biggest hits. Being a part of Global X-Games is huge for the sport; all of us off-roaders are so excited.”

The first event will be run during the April 18-21 games in Foz Do Iguacu in Brazil. Later events will be in Barcelona, Spain (May 16-19); Munich, Germany (June 27-30) and Los Angeles (August 1-4). Races will air on the ESPN family of networks.

Tim Clark (Director of Sports Marketing for says: “We have been a sponsor of the EnduroCross series from its beginning. We always believed this sport had the potential to have a worldwide appeal and we’re excited to share the international stage with our group of sponsored riders.

“The exposure Global X-Games will generate through television and online media will help showcase the Motorcycle Superstore brand both nationally and worldwide.”

Eric Peronnard, co-founder of EnduroCross, said this next stage of this sport’s evolution is going to be exciting.

Eric Peronnard says: “X-Games was always interested in EnduroCross. They came to watch the second EnduroCross in 2005 because they heard so many good things. It took them five years to find a window to welcome EnduroCross and they finally invited us in 2011, which proved to be a successful debut.

“I was really hoping our sport would be invited to go global, because not every sport has been. Now we have the stage to show off our talent worldwide and it’s incredible recognition for our riders, our sport and our sponsors.”

Each rider has a particular spot on the schedule they are looking forward to racing at first. For Webb, it’s Brazil.

Cody Webb says: “I ride on Thursday and don’t leave until Sunday. So it’s going to a great chance to take in some culture and see what the local area is all about. I’ve been to Barcelona before, but never Germany, so I’m excited to see that country too.

“The fans in Europe are just insane. It’s going to open our eyes up and we’re going to experience a lot more than what we’re used to.”

Forsberg said heading to Germany is going to be the spot she wants to see the most.

Maria Forsberg says: “My husband is the first generation of his family born outside of Germany. I think a lot of people are going to come check us out. I’m going to be way nervous to be in front of the crowds they are expecting, but it’s going to be exciting and a lot of fun at the same time.”

Peronnard said he’s been impressed with the way the athletes have worked together to make international racing a success.

Eric Peronnard says: “We’re going to take our circus on the road for four months. The riders have had to get all their paperwork finished and won’t be able to see their bikes until the day of the races at these venues.

“It’s been an incredible undertaking for everyone but they’ve all trusted us and done all the we’ve asked to make EnduroCross a big part of Global X-Games.”