FIXI Crescent Suzuki Looks Ahead to Aragon SBK Test

FIXI Crescent Suzuki's Leon Camier at Phillip Island
FIXI Crescent Suzuki's Leon Camier at Phillip Island
FIXI Crescent Suzuki’s Leon Camier at Phillip Island

2013 World Superbike Testing

The FIXI Crescent Suzuki team is looking ahead to the three-day World Superbike test scheduled at Motorland Aragon April 2-4.

The test, which occurs ahead of round 2 of 15 in the 2013 World SBK Championship at the same Spanish circuit April 14, will give the Suzuki team of Leon Camier and Jules Cluzel some extra on-track time to tweak their perspective GSX-R1000 superbikes.

This is the perfect venue for FIXI Crescent Suzuki, considering the team nominated the 3.3-mile circuit featuring 17 turns (eight right, nine left) as its standard test track. The team attributes this nomination to Aragon’s layout, which features the longest straight that’s just under a kilometer, “undulating sections, blind crests and downhill corners, making it an ideal and challenging test-venue for riders, machines and tires.”

The test will also help Camier and Cluzel further learn the circuit ahead of Round 2. During the opening round of World SBK at Phillip Island,  Camier finished 9-9, and Cluzel 11-7. The riders each have 14 points, sitting in eighth and ninth place in the championship standings.

Frankie Carchedi (Leon Camier’s Chief Technician) says: “The basic schedule at Aragon for Leon is primarily electronic and engine testing. We have a new spec test engine coming from Yoshimura in Japan and we also want to refine the electronics with some new strategies and modified components. The chassis of the GSX-R is working really well, so it is just a case of concentrating on the electronics and engine performance side of things.

“We’ve done some dyno work at Crescent, since we raced at Phillip Island, to try and get as much out of the motor settings as possible and it will now be important to see how that translates on the track. Leon will also be doing a lot of practice starts, using different settings, during the test – it’s something that we need to work on because it was a weak point in Philip Island and we have to get away with the front pack at the start.”

Lez Pearson (Jules Cluzel’s Chief Technician) says: “The main plan for Aragon is to get Jules more at home with the FIXI Crescent Suzuki Superbike. The first day will be simply about riding, because to change anything would be counterproductive while he learns a different character of circuit with the Superbike. After day one I want to experiment with machine height settings and for the final day I plan to alter the steering to help Jules to complete the corner better.

“We will also be making sure the electronic control strategies are finding the right balance between helping the performance and holding it back. Overall the purpose of the test is to increase Jules’s confidence and comfort level on the GSX-R, so that we have a good base to start from for the race weekend.”


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