KTM’s Martinez & Forsberg Tied in GNCC Women’s Championship

KTM Motorcycle-Superstore.com's Kacy Martinez
KTM Motorcycle-Superstore.com’s Kacy Martinez

2013 Motorcycle-Superstore.com GNCC Riders

A pair of Motorcycle-Superstore.com KTM riders have started the GNCC season with back-to-back podium finishes and now Kacy Martinez and Maria Forsberg are tied atop the Women’s championship standings with two races in the books.

The riders are part of a three-way tie atop the Women’s standings heading into a small break in the schedule ahead of the FMF Steele Creek event, April 6-7 in Morganton, N.C.

Martinez has put together back-to-back runner-up finishes to start the season in her first year racing GNCC after making the switch from the WORCS series. She said the GNCC format feels more natural to her, which she credits for her early success.

Kacy Martinez says: “Coming over from the other series, I didn’t really know where I was going to stand. I grew up racing hare scrambles, local two-hour races, which were something I really enjoyed.

“The WORCS races are only an hour long, so I really wasn’t as comfortable with them because if you make even one small error, it’s hard to catch back up. With GNCC, I’ve got more time to get collected. It’s a little more forgiving.”

After spending so much time recently in hour-long races, Martinez said she found a preseason event in South Carolina to test her fitness level for her return to two-hour races.

Kacy Martinez says: “I hadn’t done a two-hour race in three or four years. When we got back East we wanted to find a two-hour race to make sure we were ready for it. We found that race in South Carolina, and I won it, so I felt really good. It gave me a lot confidence before we started the season in Florida.”

Martinez said she’s enjoyed the competition, especially against Forsberg in the second race of the season.

Kacy Martinez says: “The first round, I didn’t have many battles because I was pretty much riding by myself the whole race. The second round was a lot of fun. Maria and I were swapping back and forth for a couple of laps. She ended up getting out front right when I got stuck behind some lappers and she was able to pull away and take the win.

“It was good. I was happy to take second and can’t wait for the rest of the season.”

After sweeping the series in 2012, Forsberg started the year in Florida with a third-place finish and backed it up by winning at the The Maxxis General over the weekend.

KTM Motorcycle-Superstore.com's Maria Forsberg
KTM Motorcycle-Superstore.com’s Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg says: “We were on the track early in the day so it wasn’t as chewed up as it got later on. It had a few mud holes in it, but I was able to find some quick lines through them.”

Forsberg said she’s entered the season in tip-top shape, which she said helped her tremendously in Florida and Georgia.

Maria Forsberg says: “My cross-fit training has really helped me. I could really tell it this weekend. I had good energy through the whole race.”