2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R | Isle of Man TT Lap (POV Video)

POV Video lap of Isle of Man TT Mountain Course

When Kawasaki released the revamped 2013 Ninja ZX-6R, its debut ad campaign featured the sportbike on the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course.

Kawasaki slogan for the bike, which returns to 636cc after six years as a 599cc inline four, is “Proven Here. Invincible Everywhere.”

And to prove the 2013 Ninja ZX-6R’s speedy nature, Kawasaki released the attached video of the bike on the Isle of Man TT course. The POV video takes viewers for a lap around the 37.73-mile Mountain Course.

The ZX-6R, which was unveiled during Kawasaki’s “Ninja Times Square Takeover” event in September, was completely redesigned for optimal performance from its 636cc engine and suspension. And the best part? The base model is available for $11,699; add $1,000 for ABS.

For a preview of the Kawasaki ZX-6R, click here.


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