Headbanger Motorcycles Unveils the Saten Enduro

2013 Headbanger Motorcycles

As previously announced, 2013 opens with the winds of change blasting through Headbanger, so the Verona exhibition – the Motor Bike Expo – was allowing the first genuine Italian Custom Factory to showcase all its new products and ideas for 2013, but also to beckon all enthusiasts – the press and the public – to enter a special world animated by tons of passion and creativity, eager to blow your mind.

That’s precisely what Headbanger does, surprise, breathing life into a new project, which makes a thundering stage entrance in Verona, reinterpreting the classic enduro motorcycles of the seventies, with a 600cc air cooled, single cylinder engine, rigorously equipped with carburetor, simple, straightforward, fun: raise your glasses to the Headbanger SATÈN.

The Saten was conceived almost by chance, originating from the request of a Headbanger bike owner, in love with the bike and the brand philosophy, who wished he could flank his HB V-Twin with a single cylinder motorcycle, built by hand, with painstaking detail; a “special” reminiscent of the bikes back in the Seventies, which equally embodied all the Headbanger core values.

Headbanger rose to the challenge, creating over the course of several weeks this new motorcycle, dedicated to all aficionados. SATÈN owes its name to a special DOCG wine, produced in the Franciacorta region – also the site of the Factory – where all the brands motorcycles are born.

Therefore, it is dedicated to all those who refute banality and appreciate and share values such as simplicity, healthy ignorance (which for HB, means no electronics, fuel injection nor software) and freedom, but also lovers of sixties and seventies’ music and of sheer fun, and who yearn for an essential, light, enjoyable motorcycle, ideal for urban contexts and dirt tracks alike.

Until today, its production motorcycles were characterized by big American twin-cylinders, based on softail and hardtail frames, so Headbanger is paving the way with a motorcycle with decisively different technical features, which is however crafted with the same painstaking detail and quality, in the pure HB style!

SATÈN has a different heartbeat; it’s a single-cylinder air-cooled 600cc engine equipped with carburettor, electronic ignition and kick-starter, 5-speed gearbox, foam air filter and HB 2 in 1 exhaust. The mechanics features a single-beam frame split square tube oil/steel/aluminum, adjustable Paioli suspensions (USD forks with shock absorber compression and extension adjustment), 330 mm front disc brake and HB Beringer 4 piston front brake caliper, 250 mm rear disc brake with HB brake caliper. SATÈN is equipped with 17” wheels, mounting a 120-70 tyre at the front and 160-60 at the rear (both street and heavy tread tires can be mounted!!!). It’s a sleek machine at only 90cm from the ground and weighs in at less than 140 kg. The capacious 12 litre fuel tank gives it a good range.

The stylistic accents of SATÈN stand their ground too, including a hand-crafted leather saddle as the rear tail made in aluminium, special Headbanger footrests, stencil Headbanger graphics and a raw metal paintjob, enhancing its lines. The technical and stylistic features of SATÈN, including such details as the understated handlebar controls, render this new addition to the Headbanger family a genuinely unique bike.

SATÈN will retail at a tentative price of 9,000 EURO ($11,983 USD).

For further information please visit Headbanger Motorcycles.

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