Manx Grand Prix Gains FIM International Status

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2013 Manx Grand Prix at Isle of Man

The Manx Grand Prix, the Mountain Course race run in August on the Isle of Man, has this year received “FIM International” status in its 90th year, replacing the event’s previous “European Open” status.

The new status means that competitors from countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA can now compete on their own federation licenses. They previously had to hold an ACU, SACU or European license and therefore be granted licenses through other country governing bodies before they were able to compete in the meeting.

The growing International profile of the Manx Grand Prix was reflected in the 2012 meeting, which saw competitors from a number of international countries competing for the first time on the Island.

Over fifty newcomers participated in the three newcomers races in 2012 with riders from Sweden Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands, France, Denmark, USA, Germany, Austria, Faroe Islands and Belgium all taking to the mountain course for the first time. Kamil Holan, who won the ‘Newcomers A’ race, was not only the first Czech Republic winner but also the first non-British, Manx or Irish rider to win a modern race.

Harvey Garton (Chairman, Manx Motor Cycle Club) says: “We are delighted that the meeting has secured FIM international status as it will now make it easier for competitors outside the core European countries to participate in the meeting under their own federation’s licence. The growing international profile of the event means that we are receiving more and more enquiries from competitors outside the usual participating countries and this new status will make it easier for them to compete.”

The following wording will appear in the Manx Motor Cycle Club’s Manx Grand Prix Regulations to clarify License requirements: ACU and SACU license holders must have held as a minimum a National License issued by the ACU or the SACU for at least six months prior to the first day of practicing. Competitors from other FMN’s must have held an FIM International Non – Championship License for a minimum of six months prior to the first day of practicing.


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