Agostini Highlights 2013 Metzler Calendar Launch


Metzler Calendar Event at Ace Cafe

Wednesday evening was a success, organised by Metzeler in cooperation with Ace Cafè London for the launch of the 2013 calendar, a year in which the German brand will celebrate its 150th birthday.

The special guest for the event, which was held at the popular Innvilllà nightclub in Milan and which was attended by more than 1000 two-wheeler enthusiasts, was 15-time World Champion Giacomo Agostini who graces the cover of the Metzeler Classics calendar: Giacomo Agostini and Alan Barnett in 1969 at the start of the Junior TT which the Italian won on his number 6 MV Agusta.

Created in 1994 as a special edition of the cult Classic Moments calendar, Metzeler Classics quickly became popular and a clear confirmation of this is the massive success of yesterday evening’s party – a party which the German company strongly desired in order to celebrate the new calendar and its 150th birthday along with with the fans of the ‘little blue elephant’.

Also, along with the Metzeler Classics calendar, with its fascinating black & white images of the golden years of motorcycling, since 2010 Metzeler has selected snapshots which are dedicated to a theme which is particularly dear to the brand, identified in the 2013 edition with the theme of “Garages”.

The Garages calendar is dedicated to bikers who, in the most unlikely corners of the world, disassemble, manipulate, reassemble, forge and create masterpieces which are destined to become unique pieces. Artists of the two wheeled world like those in the images of this calendar. Kengo Kimura from Japan, who uses his workshop in Hiroshima to modify mostly English and Japanese single cylinder bikes, the Frenchmen from El Solitario Motoclub who do this mostly just for fun or the Bavarian “Isle of Man mad,” who has dedicated himself for over thirty years to customising English Classic Racers.

Or there is Ian Halcott, the boss at Twin Line in Seattle who, along with his team, creates collectables from old Japanese bikes, or the young English designers Roy Norton and Thomas Kasher whose passion dates back to their days at university, and last but not least, Marco Pucciarelli and Vincenzo Innella who breathe life into priceless gems of value and beauty in their small workshop in a village in Southern Italy.

For additional information on Metzler, click here.


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