2013 World Superbike | New Regulation Changes

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2013 World Superbike Rule Changes

For the 2013 World Superbike Championship, the FIM and Superbike Commission (SBK, Supersport, Supersport 1000 Cup) have implemented a host of new regulations.

In Superbike, all bikes are mandated to use 17-inch aluminum wheels, and must have a minimum weight of 165 kilograms (364 lbs.) for all bikes, which will bring two-cylinder machines down to the same level as three- and four-cylinder machines.

Another significant change is that riders will be allowed to pit during the race to change tires and make adjustments should climatic conditions change. Due to this, all races will no longer be interrupted, and will run flag-to-flag. But during pits, fueling will be prohibitied, and only three mechanics will be allowed to work on the bike (and the rider).

For 2013, the SBK starting grid will line up in 3-3-3-3 echelon (parallel) configurations; the rows will consist of three riders, and each row will be parallel to each other.

Another rule implemented will make the superbikes appear more like their road-worthy counterparts. All bikes must have a red safety light mounted at the rear, and plastic of metallic film that resemble the headlights of the models; these must have the exact appearance, shape, size and location of the front headlights of the homologated motorcycle (Kawasaki was the first to introduce this aesthetic measure this year, swiftly followed by Honda at the final round).

The same measures regarding rear safety lights have also been introduced into the Supersport and Superstock categories.