MotoGP: Proposed Rookie Rule Change

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2013 MotoGP Rules

Back in 2008, a new rule was enforced in MotoGP – the Rookie Rule, which prevents any non-MotoGP rider from signing directly with a factory team.

The rule states that during a rider’s freshman year, he or she must compete in a satellite or non-factory team that year (think Ben Spies riding in his first year in 2010 aboard the Monster Tech 3 satellite Yamaha team before signing with Yamaha Factory Racing in 2011).

But now, the MSMA (Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers Association), the governing body of MotoGP, Dorna Sports, and many satellite teams want to get rid of the Rookie Rule. All three put forward a joint proposal towards the Grand Prix Commission, asking to scrape the rule starting in the 2013 MotoGP season.

At the British Grand Prix last weekend, Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta outlined some reasons why the proposed Rookie Rule change for 2013 is being debated within the Grand Prix Commission.

MotoGP says the Rookie Rule was created back in 2008 to protect the interest of the independent teams, yet, as Ezpeleta explained, a shift in balance between bikes with the new CRT (Claiming Rules Team) rule has thrown up new issues that need to be addressed to create a balanced talent pool over the coming years.

MotoGP reports that Ezpeleta says that the satellite teams actually feel they can benefit from the change as well, as they would have a greater chance to retain the services of their existing riders, while factory teams have a much increased rider selection to choose from.

So far, Dorna, the FIM (International Motorcycle Federation), IRTA (International Road Racing Teams Association) and the MSMA have agreed to scrape the Rookie Rule; now it’s subject to final approval by the Grand Prix Commission.

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