2012 Silverstone Moto3 | Friday Results

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2012 Moto3 Championship

In the Moto3 class at the Hertz British Grand Prix in Silverstone it was Red Bull KTM Ajo’s Sandro Cortese who set the quickest time of the opening day ahead of Efrén Vázquez and Romano Fenati.

The Moto3 grid was greeted by sunshine for their afternoon practice session, where championship leader Cortese, fully recovered from his hand injury from Catalunya, set the quickest time of 2.19’063, over three tenths faster than JHK T-Shirt Laglisse’s Vázquez. Third placed Fenati, on board his Team Italia FMI machine, was back on the pace once more, finishing under a tenth down on the Spaniard.

Fourth spot was occupied by Estrella Galicia 0,0’s Alex Rins in front of Blusens Avintia’s Maverick Viñales, who will be looking to claw back some points on Cortese this weekend. Cortese’s teammate Danny Kent, who was quickest in the wet in the morning practice, set the sixth fastest time.

Seventh place went to Racing Team Germany’s Louis Rossi, while eighth was occupied by RW Racing GP’s Luis Salóm. Completing the top ten were Bankia Aspar Team’s Alberto Moncayo and Caretta Technology’s Alexis Masbou. The whole top-ten were separated by less than 1.5s, promising a close race should conditions stay dry.

Wild card entrant John McPhee of the Racing Steps Foundation KRP was an early crasher in the afternoon, while Ivan Moreno on board his Andalucia JHK Laglisse bike also crashed out. Mahindra Racing’s Marcel Schrotter suffered an oil leak early on in the session, which the team was unable to fix in time to set a competitive lap. In the wet morning session, Caretta Technology’s Alexis Masbou, Mahindra Racing’s Danny Webb, Team Italia FMI’s Romano Fenati, AirAsia-SIC-Ajo’s Zulfahmi Khairuddin and San Carlo Gresini Moto3’s Niccolò Antonelli all came off their bikes, yet no one was injured in the crashes.

2012 Silverstone Moto3: Free Practice One Results:

Pos.Num.RiderNationTeamBikeKm/hTimeGap 1st/Prev.
1.52Danny KENTGBRRed Bull KTM AjoKTM204.42’37.401
2.61Arthur SISSISAUSRed Bull KTM AjoKTM205.82’38.0750.674 / 0.674
3.7Efren VAZQUEZSPAJHK LaglisseHonda203.62’38.1280.727 / 0.053
4.11Sandro CORTESEGERRed Bull KTM AjoKTM203.22’38.6371.236 / 0.509
5.96Louis ROSSIFRARacing Team GermanyFTR Honda201.72’38.6521.251 / 0.015
6.94Jonas FOLGERGERIodaRacing ProjectIoda193.22’38.6641.263 / 0.012
7.15Simone GROTZKYJITAAmbrogio Next RacingSuter Honda201.92’38.7041.303 / 0.040
8.25Maverick VIÑALESSPABlusens AvintiaFTR Honda200.92’38.7981.397 / 0.094
9.44Miguel OLIVEIRAPOREstrella Galicia 0,0Suter Honda203.02’39.1991.798 / 0.401
10.53Jasper IWEMANEDMoto FGRFGR Honda205.82’39.5602.159 / 0.361
11.39Luis SALOMSPARW Racing GPKalex KTM208.52’39.5862.185 / 0.026
12.26Adrian MARTINSPAJHK LaglisseHonda199.72’39.7012.300 / 0.115
13.17John McPHEEGBRRacing Steps Foundation KRPKRP Honda202.82’40.0082.607 / 0.307
14.55Hector FAUBELSPABankia Aspar TeamKalex KTM201.72’40.1572.756 / 0.149
15.8Jack MILLERAUSCaretta TechnologyHonda200.72’40.2112.810 / 0.054
16.31Niklas AJOFINTT Motion Events RacingKTM206.72’40.3272.926 / 0.116
17.41Brad BINDERRSARW Racing GPKalex KTM204.22’40.4023.001 / 0.075
18.27Niccolò ANTONELLIITASan Carlo Gresini Moto3FTR Honda199.62’40.4443.043 / 0.042
19.23Alberto MONCAYOSPABankia Aspar TeamKalex KTM199.82’40.9193.518 / 0.475
20.84Jakub KORNFEILCZERedox-Ongetta-Centro SetaFTR Honda203.42’41.0493.648 / 0.130
21.10Alexis MASBOUFRACaretta TechnologyHonda203.22’41.4364.035 / 0.387
22.19Alessandro TONUCCIITATeam Italia FMIFTR Honda201.52’42.3634.962 / 0.927
23.79Fraser ROGERSGBRRacing Steps Foundation KRPKRP Honda198.32’42.6775.276 / 0.314
24.89Alan TECHERFRATechnomag-CIP-TSRTSR Honda199.82’42.9985.597 / 0.321
25.63Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDINMALAirAsia-Sic-AjoKTM207.02’43.0075.606 / 0.009
26.99Danny WEBBGBRMahindra RacingMahindra195.82’43.0735.672 / 0.066
27.32Isaac VIÑALESSPAOngetta-Centro SetaFTR Honda194.22’43.2465.845 / 0.173
28.77Marcel SCHROTTERGERMahindra RacingMahindra197.52’43.2965.895 / 0.050
29.42Alex RINSSPAEstrella Galicia 0,0Suter Honda203.82’43.5306.129 / 0.234
30.30Giulian PEDONESWIAmbrogio Next RacingSuter Honda196.42’43.9876.586 / 0.457
31.3Luigi MORCIANOITAIoda Team ItaliaIoda192.62’44.2656.864 / 0.278
32.51Kenta FUJIIJPNTechnomag-CIP-TSRTSR Honda198.72’46.2598.858 / 1.994
33.5Romano FENATIITATeam Italia FMIFTR Honda203.72’47.0899.688 / 0.830
34.9Toni FINSTERBUSCHGERCresto Guide MZ RacingHonda197.42’47.3599.958 / 0.270
21Ivan MORENOSPAAndalucia JHK LaglisseFTR Honda196.52’49.53112.130 / 2.172

2012 Silverstone Moto3: Free Practice Two Results:

Pos.Num.RiderNationTeamBikeKm/hTimeGap 1st/Prev.
1.11Sandro CORTESEGERRed Bull KTM AjoKTM206.72’19.063
2.7Efren VAZQUEZSPAJHK LaglisseHonda204.12’19.4450.382 / 0.382
3.5Romano FENATIITATeam Italia FMIFTR Honda205.72’19.5280.465 / 0.083
4.42Alex RINSSPAEstrella Galicia 0,0Suter Honda206.52’19.6070.544 / 0.079
5.25Maverick VIÑALESSPABlusens AvintiaFTR Honda205.22’19.6100.547 / 0.003
6.52Danny KENTGBRRed Bull KTM AjoKTM209.52’19.7310.668 / 0.121
7.96Louis ROSSIFRARacing Team GermanyFTR Honda205.62’19.8240.761 / 0.093
8.39Luis SALOMSPARW Racing GPKalex KTM212.12’19.8630.800 / 0.039
9.23Alberto MONCAYOSPABankia Aspar TeamKalex KTM205.12’19.9770.914 / 0.114
10.10Alexis MASBOUFRACaretta TechnologyHonda205.42’20.4981.435 / 0.521
11.89Alan TECHERFRATechnomag-CIP-TSRTSR Honda204.02’20.7311.668 / 0.233
12.99Danny WEBBGBRMahindra RacingMahindra199.92’20.7441.681 / 0.013
13.84Jakub KORNFEILCZERedox-Ongetta-Centro SetaFTR Honda205.42’20.8081.745 / 0.064
14.44Miguel OLIVEIRAPOREstrella Galicia 0,0Suter Honda202.92’21.0011.938 / 0.193
15.55Hector FAUBELSPABankia Aspar TeamKalex KTM204.82’21.0461.983 / 0.045
16.26Adrian MARTINSPAJHK LaglisseHonda204.72’21.0632.000 / 0.017
17.63Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDINMALAirAsia-Sic-AjoKTM212.72’21.3382.275 / 0.275
18.94Jonas FOLGERGERIodaRacing ProjectIoda195.82’21.3972.334 / 0.059
19.53Jasper IWEMANEDMoto FGRFGR Honda205.82’21.5982.535 / 0.201
20.8Jack MILLERAUSCaretta TechnologyHonda206.92’21.8502.787 / 0.252
21.27Niccolò ANTONELLIITASan Carlo Gresini Moto3FTR Honda201.62’21.9132.850 / 0.063
22.31Niklas AJOFINTT Motion Events RacingKTM209.32’21.9262.863 / 0.013
23.17John McPHEEGBRRacing Steps Foundation KRPKRP Honda204.62’22.1993.136 / 0.273
24.15Simone GROTZKYJITAAmbrogio Next RacingSuter Honda203.02’22.2163.153 / 0.017
25.41Brad BINDERRSARW Racing GPKalex KTM208.32’22.3733.310 / 0.157
26.61Arthur SISSISAUSRed Bull KTM AjoKTM206.82’22.5283.465 / 0.155
27.19Alessandro TONUCCIITATeam Italia FMIFTR Honda204.22’22.5553.492 / 0.027
28.21Ivan MORENOSPAAndalucia JHK LaglisseFTR Honda202.62’23.0263.963 / 0.471
29.32Isaac VIÑALESSPAOngetta-Centro SetaFTR Honda201.32’23.0523.989 / 0.026
30.51Kenta FUJIIJPNTechnomag-CIP-TSRTSR Honda204.42’23.3414.278 / 0.289
31.9Toni FINSTERBUSCHGERCresto Guide MZ RacingHonda203.42’23.4204.357 / 0.079
32.79Fraser ROGERSGBRRacing Steps Foundation KRPKRP Honda202.52’23.4254.362 / 0.005
33.30Giulian PEDONESWIAmbrogio Next RacingSuter Honda198.92’24.1135.050 / 0.688
34.77Marcel SCHROTTERGERMahindra RacingMahindra200.32’25.4256.362 / 1.312
35.3Luigi MORCIANOITAIoda Team ItaliaIoda190.92’25.7166.653 / 0.291