KTM’s Russell Wins Limestone 100 GNCC

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2012 GNCC Series

Factory FMF/KTM rider Kailub Russell collected his fourth win of the season at the sixth round of the GNCC Series, the Limestone 100, which occured at one of the series' newest venues in Springville, Indiana.

Russell earned a mid-pack start behind his teammate, Charlie Mullins, who rounded the first lap in second place. Russell quickly moved through the pack and soon found himself battling with Mullins for the lead. The two riders quickly pulled from the rest of the pack while swapping for the lead through the first half of the race.

On the fourth lap while battling for the lead, Mullins encountered a mechanical issue at the farthest point of the 10.5 mile course. His team rushed to him in order to provide assistance. He eventually received the help he needed but found himself one lap down and in 13th place when he reentered the course. With two laps left to make up positions, he set to work. He eventually made up two more positions and finished 11th overall for the day.

Meanwhile, Russell began to pull a larger lead over the XC1 class as each lap progressed. At the end of the 7 lap race he finished over a minute ahead of the 2nd place ride of Paul Whibley. Russell's win moved him up in the overall point standings. Now six rounds into the series, he is tied for the championship points lead with Whibley.

KTM XC2 rider Steward Baylor suffered his first loss of the series. After working his KTM to the front of the pack from a bad start he suffered a mechanical issue while leading that cost him a lap. He eventually returned to the racing action and was able to salvage a 10th place result. Baylor still maintains a comfortable lead in the series point standings.

Factory FMF/KTM rider Maria Forsberg dominated the Women's GNCC class once again. She walked away with her sixth win of the series to remain undefeated in the Women's class.

Maria Forsberg says: "It feels great to get another win. The goal is to go undefeated in the women's class and also capture the overall win the in the morning class. The team is behind me 100% and I believe both goals are within reach."

Next Event: May 26-27, 2012 - Masontown, W.V.s

2012 Springville GNCC Overall Results, XC1 Class:

  1. Kailub Russell - KTM
  2. Paul Whibley
  3. Jordan Ashburn
  4. Thad Duvall
  5. Chris Bach
  6. Rory Mead - KTM
  7. Takeshi Koikeda - KTM
  8. Garrett Edmisten
  9. Jesse Groemm - KTM
  10. Steven Squire

2012 Springville GNCC Overall Results, XC2 Class:

  1. Andrew Delong
  2. Jason Thomas
  3. Jedediah Haines
  4. Brad Bakken
  5. Scott Grills
  6. Cody Gragg
  7. Michael McGinnis - KTM
  8. Ricky Mair
  9. Zach Nolan - KTM
  10. Steward Baylor - KTM

2012 Springville Overall Results, Women's Class:

  1. Maria Forsberg - KTM
  2. Ashley Crouch - KTM
  3. Hannah Otto - KTM
  4. Rebecca Sheets
  5. Leeann Bange
  6. Rachel Gutish - KTM
  7. Samantha Steiner - KTM
  8. Samantha Fisher
  9. Dawn Silvia - KTM
  10. Shelby Rolen

2012 GNCC Overall Point Standings, XC1 Class:

  1. Kailub Russell - 147
  2. Paul Whibley - 147
  3. Charlie Mullins - 121

2012 GNCC Overall Point Standings, XC2 Class:

  1. Steward Baylor - 161
  2. Jason Thomas - 118
  3. Jesse Robinson - 111

2012 GNCC Overall Point Standings, Women's Class:

  1. Maria Forsberg - 120
  2. Hannah Otto - 107
  3. Leeann Bange - 96


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