GEICO Honda Dominates Vegas Supercross

2012 AMA Supercross Finale

The most successful Supercross season in the history of the GEICO Honda race team climaxed with a spectacular Saturday night at Sam Boyd Stadium that featured newly-crowned champions Justin Barcia and Eli Tomac earning big victories in their respective divisions before going 1-2 in the East/West Shootout.

Barcia’s star shined brightest as he dominated the Lites East race from start to finish aboard his 250CRF, taking the holeshot and holding off all his rivals during the 15-lap main event. An hour later, he just about did the same thing in the Shootout, with his most furious competition coming from Tomac. The two finished in first and second.

Barcia racked up seven victories in 10 races during the 2012 AMA Supercross Lites season.

Justin Barcia (GEICO Honda CRF250R Supercross) says: “What an awesome night all the way around. There’s no better way to finish my 250 Supercross career than with a double win.

“The main was a pretty good race for me. I wanted to get out front and stay there and I was able to do that. I had one little bobble in the triples, which were huge, and I accidentally put it in neutral. That cost me a little time but luckily I had enough cushion to stay up front.

“It was fun racing Eli in the Shootout. Once we both got around (Martin Davalos) it was just a battle. At one point I cross-rutted and thought I was in trouble but it turns out the same thing happened to him right behind me. He pushed me the whole way. We both wanted the win, but in the end making sure we were 1-2 was the best-case scenario.”

Tomac was superb in the final Lites West race of the season, taking the holeshot and fashioning a solid ride for all 15 laps. The victory was his fifth of the season and was accented by teammate Wil Hahn joining him on the podium. Hahn finished third, his best result of his injury-shortened season.

Tomac rode hard in the Shootout as well, keeping Barcia honest for all 10 laps.

Eli Tomac (GEICO Honda CRF250R Supercross) says: “The course was pretty technical and you really had no place to relax. Everyone was riding all-out with nothing to lose and I knew I couldn’t let up. The dirt was really good and grippy and I was able to keep it pinned all the way around the outside portion. That helped me stay up front.

“The Shootout was intense. Being only 10 laps it was a sprint the whole way. I stayed on Justin’s rear wheel the best I could. We were both going for it. That was fun. Hopefully we’ll have some more races with each other when the outdoor season starts.”

Hahn was only a tick behind his more decorated teammates all night. After finishing third in the Lites West final he rode to a respectable fifth-pace result in the Shootout, an all-star race featuring the 10 best riders from both the East and the West divisions.

Wil Hahn (GEICO Honda CRF250R Supercross says: “It was a tough season sitting out as many races as I did with my injury so to come out here and finally get on the podium tonight was really special. It made all the rehab work worthwhile. Riding so strong over the past few races has me excited about outdoors. I think it’s going to be another big deal for the GEICO Honda team.

“I love the guys in this pit. It was awesome to see Justin and Eli win tonight and run 1-2 in the Shootout. I could see them up ahead of me at different points but I couldn’t close the gap. I’m still really pumped about finishing fifth there. It was a great night for all of us.”

After a 11th-place result in the Lites East race, rookie Justin Bogle needed a last-gasp, second-place finish in the LCQ to qualify for the Shootout, where he finished 13th.

Justin Bogle (GEICO Honda CRF250R Supercross) says: “I didn’t have the best start in the final or the Shootout and when the field stretched out it was hard to find space to pass. My best ride was in the LCQ and I was pumped to earn a spot in the Shootout.

“I learned a lot this season and although I wanted more when I started, I’m pretty happy to be healthy on the other end. It’s going to be great next year to come into all these different tracks and know what to expect.”

GEICO Honda Supercross pro Kevin Windham tried to participate in Saturday’s race but only made it through a few laps before deciding to pull out. Windham is still recovering from a mishap at the Houston race.