Road Atlanta SportBike | Race Two Results

2012 AMA Daytona SportBike

Spoiler Alert: 2012 AMA Daytona SportBike results from race two at Road Atlanta listed below

It wasn’t quite as easy as Saturday’s wire-to-wire job, but GEICO Suzuki rider Martin Cardenas still managed to win his second AMA Pro Daytona SportBike trophy of the weekend Sunday at Road Atlanta to sweep the Triumph Big Kahuna Nationals and claim the unique top prize – a brand new surfboard.

Martin Cardenas (GEICO Suzuki GSX-R 600 SportBike) says: “I have to learn how to surf now. I have never tried, but I will head to the beach soon to see if I can do it.”

Surfing aside, there is no question that Cardenas knows how to ride his GSX-R600. He was dominant throughout the weekend, leading every qualifying session and riding to the top of the podium in both main events. In six Daytona SportBike starts at Road Atlanta, Cardenas has won five times. The other race was lost due to engine failure.

Martin Cardenas says: “This track suits me well, and thankfully so does the next one. I feel very comfortable on this bike. It just feels very good and that makes it nice for me.”

Sunday’s race was a little more stressful for Cardenas, although he made it look fairly routine. He swapped the lead around with a couple of riders in the first lap and a half but then pulled ahead for good from there.

Y.E.S. Graves Yamaha’s Tommy Hayden was the only one to keep Cardenas honest, riding right behind him the entire race, but lapped traffic near the end allowed Cardenas to thwart any thoughts of a real challenge and the Colombian took the checkered flag by 1.220 seconds. Taking the final podium was M4 Broaster Chicken Suzuki’s Dane Westby.

Martin Cardenas says: “It was harder because Tommy stayed right on my tail the whole way. I knew I couldn’t make any mistakes or he would take the position. It was tiring to ride that focused for that long but this is what was required to win. Some back markers helped me at the end this time, so there was no late maneuvering and I was able to get the victory.

“The entire GEICO Suzuki team should get credit for this weekend. Everyone executed their jobs perfectly and the bike was in great form. I am happy for these two wins.”

Cardenas’ double-win weekend moved his total number of victories in the class to 18, a record amount. It also helped him build a sizable 20-point lead in the championship standings after just three races.

Up next is the Great Clips West Coast Moto Jam, which run May 4-6 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif.

2012 AMA Daytona SportBike Results: Road Atlanta Race Two:

PosNo.Rider(s)TeamBikeIntervalGapBest LapPoints
1.36Martin CardenasGeico SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R60020 LapsWINNER1:29.0870
2.8Tommy HaydenYamaha Extended Service, Graves, YamahaYamaha YZF-R61.2201.2201:29.0950
3.5Dane WestbyM4 Broaster Chicken SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R60017.85116.6311:29.8150
4.98Jake ZemkeDucshop RacingDucati 84817.8910.0401:29.4150
5.132Jake GagneRoad Race Factory/Red BullYamaha YZF-R622.3904.4991:29.7340
6.50Bobby FongMeen Motorsports RacingYamaha YZF-R627.1404.7491:29.9010
7.95JD BeachRoad Race Factory/Red BullYamaha YZF-R627.1480.0081:30.0960
8.75Huntley NashLTD RacingYamaha YZF-R640.03712.8881:30.2280
9.35Benny SolisRiders Discount Vesrah Suzuki TeamSuzuki GSX-R60041.9681.9311:31.0830
10.52Joey PascarellaSGA Racing/Yamaha Champions Riding SchoolYamaha YZF-R642.2280.2591:30.7860
11.56Austin Crown IndustriesYamaha YZF-R653.99111.7631:31.6110
12.29Barrett LongLongevity RacingDucati 84854.2190.2271:31.4350
13.7Fernando AmantiniTeam AmantiniKawasaki ZX-6R54.8340.6141:31.4760
14.60Michael BeckFull Tuck RacingYamaha YZF-R654.8870.0531:30.4910
15.72Bryce PrinceRotobox/NexxYamaha YZF-R655.3070.4191:31.5930
16.111Derek WagnonHSBK RacingDucati 84855.8750.5681:31.4610
17.20Paul Crown IndustriesYamaha YZF-R61:17.48021.6041:32.4920
18.46Shane NarbonneMOB RacingYamaha YZF-R61:17.5870.1071:32.1500
19.74Josh GalsterJosh Galster RacingYamaha YZF-R619 Laps1 Lap1:33.2040
20.11Michael MorganRIM RacingSuzuki GSX-R6000.3810.3811:33.1140
21.77Matthew SadowskiTop Shelf Motorcycles RacingSuzuki GSX-R6002.4992.1171:33.5270
22.63Jeff WrobelWrobel RacingYamaha YZF-R614.14411.6451:33.7410
23.213David WhiteNumber213.comYamaha YZF-R646.59332.4481:35.2150
24.86Ben YoungBYR/Fogi RacingYamaha YZF-R616 Laps3 Laps1:31.9740
25.38Kris TurnerTurner`s Cycle RacingTriumph Daytona 67515 Laps1 Lap1:32.1090
26.700David GaviriaLTD RacingYamaha YZF-R612 Laps3 Laps1:31.5620
27.40Jason DiSalvoTeam Latus Motors RacingTriumph Daytona 67510 Laps2 Laps1:29.0440
28.57Cory WestRiders Discount Vesrah Suzuki TeamSuzuki GSX-R6005 Laps5 Laps1:30.4250
29.175Sam Crown IndustriesYamaha YZF-R63 Laps2 Laps1:38.2980
30.221Walt SippWalt Sipp RacingBuell 1125R1:57.1901:57.1901:35.3640
31.133Kyle WymanTriumph/STTTriumph Daytona 675DNSDNS-no times-0