Isle of Man TT Legends on Mountain Course

2012-isle-of-man-tt-legends-on-mountain-course (1)

2012 Isle of Man TT

A section of the Mountain course was closed on Tuesday as legends John McGuinness and Dave Molyneux took to the track ahead of the 2012 Isle of Man TT fuelled by Monster Energy.

The pair, who have 31 wins between them, were taking part in a promotional event which saw them being filmed and photographed on the closed road between Ramsey Hairpin and the Bungalow.

McGuinness was on board his Honda TT Legends Fireblade, while Moly was joined in his Kawasaki-powered sidecar outfit by passenger Patrick Farrance.

The event went ahead despite poor weather conditions, a break in the rain and the occasional sight of the sun peeping through the clouds allowing McGuinness and Molyneux to complete runs up the Mountain, including one which saw the solo and sidecar machines running side-by-side.

Despite damp roads and slick tires making some of the running tricky, a series of stunning photos and sequence of amazing footage was captured. The official images from the promotional event are yet to be released, but you can enjoy some “behind-the-scenes” photos on the Official TT Facebook page.