Isle of Man TT | Highlights Video

Isle of Man TT Video

Is it ever too early to began hyping the next Isle of Man TT?

For many TT fans, this is an easy answer – no. And this made the decision to post a video in February an easy one.

While scouring the web for some on-board Guy Martin footage from the 2011 IOM TT, the above video from AdamSZ Productions appeared.

It’s description of the video is short and to the point – "The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is the greatest motorcycle road race in the world, the ultimate challenge for rider and machine."

No arguing with that statement…

The video features both POV and footage from the spectator’s perspective of many Isle of Man TT stars, including 17-time TT winner John McGuinness (Honda TT Legends, Padgetts Honda) and Guy Martin (TAS Racing Suzuki), along with some jump-footage from the infamous Ballaugh Bridge.

Visual & Audio Edit: AdamSZ Productions

Video by CinemaNX Productions Four Limited 2011


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