2012 BMW C 600 Sport | First Ride

2012 BMW C600 Sport

BMW’s new C 600 Sport scooter is aimed directly at Yamaha’s Tmax in particular, but also opens up additional space in the segment towards the upper range.

It’s hard to see why the 2012 BMW C 600 Sport shouldn’t take the benchmark spot after this. The Sport is the C 650 GT’s sportier brother stripped of the luxury comfort items and with different fairing and ergonomics.

While testing the new scooter in Madrid, many things were initially noticed. The stability in the handling department is that of a motorcycle whilst still maintaining the easy and manageable scooter aspects of handling such as the ability to turn around cars in traffic.

ABS brakes are standard but with 249 kilos to stop even a double 270mm disc brake set-up isn’t impressive enough but safe enough and possibly no worse than its competition.

The 60-horsepower 647cc in-line two-cylinder engine was good enough for a top speed of 180km/h which I think is very decent for a scooter.

The Sport has Pirelli Diablo Scooter tyres which allow for a more active riding style than the C 650 GT’s Metzeler FeelFree tires.

While we have been used to certain handling compromises in the Scooter segment the C 600 Sport have no such compromises, it’s stable at high speed and through fast sweeping corners where your Burgman just wobbles through.

There’s certainly some Scooter accolade awaiting the C 600 Sport.

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Photography: Daniel Kraus