Motorcycle Types Adventure / Dual-Sport VP Racing Fuels Releases T4 Powersports Fuel

VP Racing Fuels Releases T4 Powersports Fuel

100-Octane Four-Stroke Motorcycle Fuel

Street gas isn’t what it used to be. At least that’s what many riders have learned after using pump gas to race their bikes in competition.

Steve Burns (VP Racing Fuels Founder & Director R&D) says: "So many of our customers have complained about ethanol in pump gas clogging injectors, fouling carburetors and going bad after just a few weeks in storage, I decided to develop a fuel to solve those problems.

"T4 was the result of this effort and not only does it solve the ethanol-related problems, it makes up to 3% more power and improves throttle response, making it the best, most cost-effective fuel you can put in a stock 4-stroke. Out of all the fuels I personally can choose from, it’s the only fuel I’ll use in my own bikes."

Unleaded and ethanol-free, T4 is a direct pour-in replacement for premium pump gas, which according to powersport dealers across the country can go bad within weeks and has caused significant increases in the frequency of repairs required to fix the many problems associated with ethanol.

Steve Burns says: "Pump gas is also inconsistent. Because it varies from day to day and location to location, it requires constant guesswork with tuning while riders can count on T4 to be totally consistent pail after pail regardless of where or when it’s purchased." It should be noted T4 is only legal for use in a competition vehicle not used on public highways and may not be used for recreational off-roading or other non-competition uses.

While riders facing extreme conditions are forced to add octane boosters or race fuel to increase the octane of pump gas, T4’s 100 octane rating (R+M/2) provides greater protection against detonation. Compared with more expensive performance parts that increase power along only a small slice of the power curve, T4 offers 2-3% more power and better throttle response across the entire RPM range.

T4 is designed for stock or slightly modified 4-stroke bikes, quads, UTVs, SXSs and other off-road vehicles used in competition. "Besides improving performance, T4 protects your investment," Burns pointed out. "T4 vaporizes better, thus burns cleaner and more efficiently. It will preclude repairs needed for ethanol-related problems, increase the time between rebuilds and lower your long-term costs."

Steve Burns says: "T4 promises to have such universal appeal, we’re introducing it with its own custom-designed pail. Today’s 4-strokes are true thoroughbreds and they deserve to be fed like one. Priced between pump gas and race fuel, T4 offers such great performance and protection that no rider serious about his equipment need ever consider using pump gas again."

With T4 and its recently introduced "VPR" racing fuel, VP now has an unleaded and leaded option for performance enthusiasts that offer similar performance gains at a competitive price. In addition, VP’s recently announced "C9" provides an unleaded, nonoxygenated alternative.

VP has been an industry leader in race fuel technology for 36 years, fueling winners in all forms of motorsports in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. VP’s motorcycle fuels have enjoyed unparalleled success throughout North America and Europe, winning more AMA Supercross, Motocross, Superbike and Supermoto championships in the last decade than all other fuel manufacturers combined, as well as fueling multiple winners in the Isle of Man TT and powering Team USA to five consecutive championships in Motocross des Nations.

In addition to racing fuels, VP’s product line includes SEF Small Engine Fuels, formulated specifically for 2-cycle and 4-cycle portable gas-powered equipment and PowerMaster hobby fuels for R/C racing. More information is available online at, or

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