Kevin Schwantz School: 2012 Schedule

The Schwantz School: 2012 Dates

Kevin Schwantz wants to make you a better motorcycle rider no matter what brand you ride.

For the first time ever, the 1993 500cc World Champion is welcoming riders of any make of motorcycle to the 12th year of the Schwantz School as it returns to its original home. Welcoming riders of all makes opens up the school to anyone who’s ever ridden a motorcycle and wants to learn from the best.

Kevin Schwantz says: "It’ll be fun to ride with all these different brands, but I believe our Hondas and Suzukis will still show the best."

But students who didn’t bring their own motorcycles will have the pick of the school’s fleet of Suzukis and Hondas.

Opening up the school to all brands isn’t the school’s only major change. After a three-year absence, the school returns to its original home at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia.

Kevin Schwantz says: "I’m looking forward to being back at Road Atlanta where we started the Schwantz School in 2001. It’ll always be home to me, my instructors and staff. Road Atlanta is one of the few tracks with a super-long and fast back straightaway that I still find really exciting to ride. It’s always been a track I really liked, even back in ’86-87 when I raced a Suzuki GSX-R750 in AMA Superbike."

The Schwantz School calendar currently has five dates, though one may be added towards the end of the year. Four of the schools will be at Road Atlanta, with a return to the MotoGP track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway also on the cards.

The first of the dates at Road Atlanta is on April 16-17, the Monday-Tuesday preceding the return of the Big Kahuna Atlanta AMA Pro Road Race event on April 20-22. Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28, welcomes students for a three-day school which runs Saturday through Monday.

Just before the full swing of summer there’s another two-day school, June 30-July 1. Then comes the IMS school on August 20-21, immediately following the fourth annual Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix. Two weeks later the school returns to Road Atlanta for that track’s last two-day school on September 1-2.

The final school might be the most special of the year for Schwantz. If the facility is ready, the Schwantz School will have its first two-day event at the Circuit of the Americas near Schwantz’s home in Austin, Texas before the end of the year. If it happens, the first school at COTA will be a preview of 2013, when the track becomes the permanent home of the Schwantz School.

The Schwantz School: 2012 Dates:

  • April 16-17 (M/T)
  • May 26-27-28 (S/S/M)
  • June 30-1 July (S/S)
  • August 20-21 (M/T) Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • September 1-2 (S/S)

The Schwantz School was started in 2001 with the goal of making better, safer and more confident riders. The Schwantz School holds the honor of being the only track-based school to be recognized by the MSF. For more information or to register, visit or 1.205.531.6846. Follow the Schwantz School on Twitter, @SchwantzSchool.


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