Duke: IOM TT 2011 On-Bike Blue-Ray

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2011 Isle of Man TT Video

Experience the unique thrill of riding the legendary Isle of Man TT course at race speed with the greatest road racers in the business – get set for the TT 2011 On-Bike Blu-ray Experience.

As the iconic 37.7-mile Mountain course marked its centenary, High Definition on-board cameras were mounted on the motorcycles to capture the essence of this amazing event. Now these white-knuckle thrill rides can be enjoyed on Blu-ray disc, with pin-sharp HD footage and unrivalled sound quality.

New from Duke, this Blu-ray collection brings together eight of the most breathtaking on-board laps from the two-week festival. These are complete laps, letting fans see what the racers see as they blast around the TT course at almost 200mph, with walls, hedges and houses within touching distance.

The collection is filled with action-packed on-bike highlights, all filmed in stunning HD detail, which will have viewers leaning into the corners and jumping back from the screen as the scenery flashes past. Plus, the exceptional sound quality offered by Blu-ray means you can thoroughly enjoy the uninterrupted engine sounds as the laps unfold.

TT legend John McGuinness, who claimed his 16th and 17th TT wins in 2011, race winners Bruce Anstey, Michael Dunlop and Cameron Donald, Sidecar aces John Holden/Andy Winkle and Klaus Klaffenbock/Dan Sayle, plus the Isle of Man’s own Conor Cummins, are the guides as viewers enjoy a taste of the action from the Monster Energy Supersport races 1 and 2, Sure Sidecar race 2 and the PokerStars Senior TT.

We have always been amazed by the skill and determination of road racers at the Isle of Man TT, but on-board in High Definition viewers get closer to the experience than ever – just keep a keen eye out for McGuinness giving a riding master class on his way to a staggering 17th TT win and Michael Dunlop showing off his unrivalled wet weather skills.

For anyone who hasn’t made the move to Blu-ray yet, this is the perfect excuse – a chance to experience the 2011 Isle of Man TT in pin-sharp High Definition with exceptional sound quality from on-board the machines.

In addition, the standard DVD version of the review is included in the Blu-ray disc box at no extra cost, so if fans haven’t joined the ‘HD revolution’ yet, they can enjoy the programme straight away and won’t have to pay all over again when they do move to Blu-ray technology.

TT 2011 On-Bike Blu-ray Experience is released 22 August 2011 on Blu-ray, priced at $31.99 and will be available from leading video outlets or direct from Duke Video: Tel +44 (0)1624 640 000, fax +44 (0)1624 640 001 or email mail@dukevideo.com.

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