2012 Harley-Davidson Dealers Meeting

2012 Harley-Davidson Products

Ultimate MotorCycling had a rare sneak peek into the Summer 2012 Harley-Davidson Dealers Meeting, including a look at the new 2012 Dyna Switchback convertible tourer/cruiser, and the 10th Anniversary V-Road (with more friendly ergonomics).

In addition, we had an inside look at the latest Harley-Davidson accessories that will be debuting in showrooms soon.

Among the most interesting Harley-Davidson accessories included pink-walled tires, high-performance shocks, wild wheels, Boom! sound systems, factory-custom paint jobs, a skull-and-chain case cover and over 50 Harley-customized stockers.

Also on the display were many of the sales tools that aid Harley-Davidson dealers in helping owners select the right accessories for their ride.