MotoGP: Moto3 Engine Revealed

2012 Moto3

Giampiero Sacchi, owner of the Ioda Racing Project team in the Moto2 class (with riders Mattia Pasini and Simone Corsi) revealed his new Moto3 engine to the public during the eighth round of the 2011 season at Mugello.

Moto3 will be replacing the current 125cc class using a new 250cc four-stroke engine in 2012. The Ioda Racing Project chassis is planned to be presented in September.

Giampiero Sacchi says: "This is the second step of the Ioda project, the third will be in the fall, when we present the bike for next year’s World Championship. It all started on October 26 last year in Estoril, with the presentation of the TR001 (a prototype bike). That day was a crucial step because then, with Roberto (Papetti, the project lead), we began to build and develop this engine, and we are pleased to present it to enthusiasts and fans."

The engine is claimed to produce more than 50 horsepower and has been dyno tested in a version for karts, as well as stress tested for reliability. A test that Sacchi assures was successful.

Not intimidated by the presence of Honda in the Moto3 class, the Ioda Racing Project owner went on to affirm: "If you enter into a major challenge such as the World Championship with hesitancy, you may as well give up right away. It will be interesting to see what happens."

To build the engine, Ioda Racing Project collaborated with Robby Motor Technology to form a new company, Emir (the official name of the engine is EMIR GP 3).

Giampiero Sacchi says: "Moto3 is a category where the necessary technology isn’t only available to the big manufacturers, but also to small engineering firms. What these small firms lack in production capacity then can make up for with close client relationships. This class is very interesting, it is an inviting challenge."

The single-cylinder 250cc four-stroke prototype weighs in at 20.6 kg, with titanium con rod and valves, extractable gear box, and a dry slipper clutch. The cost will be 12,000 Euro plus IVA.


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