Repsol Develops 2012 MotoGP Fuel

repsol-develops-2012-motogp-fuel (1)

2012 MotoGP Prototype

Researchers from the Repsol Technology travelled some days ago to Saitama (Japón), where Honda is developing a new 1000cc motorbike that will compete in the MotoGP World Championship in 2012.

Coordinated with their Japanese counterparts, Repsol experts started to develop a specific fuel and lubricant for the new bike, which was driven today for the first time by Casey Stoner in a private test held at Jerez Circuit.

After creating in 2010 the fuel Marc Márquez used to become 125cc World Champion, the engineers of the Repsol Technology Centre focused on the development of a fuel adapted to the new MotoGP displacement.

Repsol thus makes available to Honda all its knowledge about lubricants an fuels for racing, at the same time, Honda shares its racing engines technology.

To develop the fuel with the maximum performance and better adapted to the new 1000cc engine. Repsol will carry out various tests with a single cylinder engine for research based on the prototype being developed by Honda for the next MotoGP season.


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